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UP Rickshaw puller ignores closed Railways barrier, escapes just in time from speeding train: Watch video | Railways News

There have been enough incidents where pedestrians crossing railway tracks often end up getting in trouble as their irresponsible behaviour ends up getting them hurt. Such cases are increasing rapidly. Recently, a shocking incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh where a rickshaw puller had a narrow escape while crossing a railway track. CCTV footage of the incident soon went viral and netizens were taken aback while watching it. Netizens soon took over the comments section. The video was shared by ANI on September 11, where the CCTV footage has crossed over 13.4K views. “Narrow escape for a rickshaw puller while crossing a railway track in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh,” read the tweet.

The video was shared by ANI on September 11, and currently, the CCTV footage has over 13.4K views. The video has given ‘chills in the spine’ to the viewers. The video shows people crossing the railway tracks even when the crossing was closed. A few people with bicycles managed to cross the railway tracks but as one rickshaw puller approached the track, the train rushed past it destroying its rickshaw. The rickshaw puller just managed a near escape in time. The rickshaw puller fell to the ground and escaped miraculously. 

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Later it was reported that the rickshaw puller was arrested. “Railways crossing. No under /overpass ?” read the comment of a Twitter user. “Even if we do it for present crossings, the rapid growth in urbanization and road network will keep demanding new crossings across the country. The public also needs to follow the rules,” another tweet read.

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