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US government grants US$3.7m towards Balcones cement plant carbon capture project

US: Cemex USA and RTI International have secured US$3.7m in funding from the US Department of Energy for their Balcones cement plant amine technology carbon capture study. The plant in New Braunfels, Texas, will trial RTI International’s non-aqueous solvent (NAS) system, licensed by energy and technology company SLB. Resources News has reported that the system will have a CO2 capture capacity of 670,000t/yr. RTI International’s principal project investigator Vijay Gupta said that NAS capture has a 30 – 40% lower energy penalty than preceding solvent-based technologies.

Cemex USA president Jaime Muguiro said “We remain committed to exploring technologies that can help us meet our targets as we build a more sustainable future. We are striving to cut emissions across all our operations, and this study with RTI International is one of the many steps Cemex is taking to achieve our objectives.”

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