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Vaastu-compliant civil engineering courses from next year in Karnataka- The New Indian Express

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BENGALURU: There is a move afoot to bring Vaastu Shastra into architecture and engineering courses. Riding on the increasing demand for Vaastu-compliant structures for residential as well as industrial and commercial buildings, Central agencies linked to the construction sector are already offering workshops to train civil engineers and architects on Vaastu Shastra.

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) Academy is planning a training course on Vaastu Shastra, its philosophy, importance and use in building design for architects, engineers, horticulturists and construction workers on November 17 and 18.  A senior CPWD Academy official told The New Indian Express, “Vaastu is being looked at as it is considered good to ensure well-being. The books which engineers have been studying so far are by authors from Western countries, who do not believe in this and debate this science. It was not there in the syllabus so far, but now looking at the rising demand and the courses being offered, its introduction in courses for students in the next academic year is being discussed. The new syllabus starts in April and there is sufficient time to plan the details.”

Higher Education Minister Dr CN Ashwath Narayan said Vaastu Shastra as a course can be offered to students as a choice subject. There is nothing compelling, and it is no harm.

Min: Vaastu course may be optional 

The minister said while the basic subjects will be mandatory, this could be in the optional category as a part of the integrated programme for students to choose from. “There are many civil engineers who want to know about it, and it is not bad,” he said. “We will suggest to the engineering colleges to include it.”

Meanwhile, this is the third time that the CPWD is organising training courses on Vaastu Shastra for engineering students, professionals, construction workers as well as those interested in the subject. The training on Vaastu Shastra focuses on techniques, design, meeting the requirements of the ancient science and yet ensure that the structure is legally compliant.

Although officials from the Karnataka Public Works Department are not part of this training, they said it is not a bad idea, and that if the state government wanted to hold similar training sessions, it would actually be beneficial.

However, the members of India March for Science are not amused, nor do they see anything beneficial in this. They said: “Vastu Shastra is an unscientific notion. The placement of doors, windows and furniture does not cause good or bad luck. On the other hand, sound architecture and structural engineering can ensure the longevity of buildings, thereby securing the safety of the occupants.”

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