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Visaka Industries Is Creating An Ecosystem Of Sustainability & Advocating It At The Forefront

With India completing 75 years of Independence, its economic future will depend on what it does today towards sustainability. In the current era of technology, there are some companies that are shifting towards a smart and sustainable ecosystem but still are unknown. Companies that innovate are the ones that stand the test of time. One such company is Visaka Industries. As the nation celebrates #AzadiKaMahotsav, there is a need to celebrate their contribution to making India a country freer of fossil fuels and waste and a greener place to live in, and this pursuit for a cleaner and greener India is in motion every day.

Founded by G Venkat Swamy and his son G Vivekanand in 1981, Visaka Industries Limited was set up as a cement roof-manufacturing company. Since then, its progress has been commendable, gaining a key role in nation-building. Since its inception, Visaka Industries has been sensitive to environmental concerns and has always kept sustainability at the core of its products and operations. Visaka’s clear commitment to building a better world is evident from their search for alternative raw materials that are environmentally friendly to improve the resource efficiency of their operations continuously. They are constantly striving to create a sustainable ecosystem that gives future generations a chance to thrive in our glorious country and our beautiful planet.

Over four decades, the company has grown substantially and has been at the forefront of developing sustainable products while meeting demands from domestic and international markets. Visaka Industries has done a commendable job with its shift towards creating a sustainable ecosystem along with various product portfolios to help them achieve this feat.

Following are a few product portfolios that the company has expanded into over the years:

Fibre Cement

Fibre Cement is cement reinforced with cellulose fibres. Today Visaka Industries produces over 800 thousand tons of Fibre Cement via its state-of-the-art Fibre Cement plant, which is fully automated and incorporates new-age, sophisticated technology, ensuring consistency in physical properties and strength that surpass the ISI standards. Their sustainable fibre cement boards and ATUM Solar Roof have helped save over 5,00,000 trees from being felled and helped reduce CO2 emissions by over 100,000 tonnes.

Wonder Yarn

In 1992, the company expanded into the textile industry and collaborated with fibre manufacturers to develop Wonder Yarn, a sustainable fibre produced from discarded PET bottles. With the Japanese Twin Air Jet Spinning technology from Murata, Visaka Industries has recycled over 175 million PET bottles that would otherwise be dumped in landfills or in our precious water bodies.


Vnext is a line of sustainable building products by Visaka Industries that are a substitute for plywood. Vnext Board, Vnext Premium, Vnext Premium Plank and Vnext Panel are made to combat issues plywood and gypsum boards cause. Fibre cement boards provide resistance against three significant threats to construction – water, termite, and fire. Visaka Industries have installed millions of square feet of products so far, saving lakhs of trees from being felled for making plywood.


After the successful launch of Vnext, Visaka Industries shifted its focus onto renewable energy products. The company developed ATUM – integrated solar panels made with poly or mono-crystalline solar cells and cement boards that generate electricity and provide better insulation from heat than a traditional roof without compromising the building’s aesthetic appeal.

ATUM Charge

The company introduced ATUM Charge, India’s first 100 per cent Green EV Charging Station, to further its sustainable efforts. Powered by ATUM Solar Roof, ATUM Charge generates green energy. It promotes a green commute compared to the existing EV charging units that use thermal power generation, a primary source of pollution, making it a completely sustainable alternative.
In 2021, Visaka Industries introduced its ATUM Life Sustainable Experience Centre which showcases Visaka’s range of sustainable building materials and textiles to customers along with certified sustainable products manufactured by other brands. ATUM Life is designed sustainably and operated in a paperless manner, with zero-waste practices. This technology is energy efficient and contributes toward saving trees. Additionally, ATUM Life is powered by ATUM Solar, making it self-sustainable and energy-efficient.
Visaka’s emphasis on social responsibility stems from its corporate philosophy of giving back to society and being responsible corporate citizens. Their efforts primarily focus on areas with a low human development index where there is immense opportunity to build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society. In 2020-21, Visaka’s CSR projects and activities focused on six themes: Water, Health, Sanitation, Education, Sports and Agriculture. The company made efforts in either monetary contributions or support for development activities in the backward districts of Telangana state and the vicinities of factories and offices of Visaka.

Furthermore, they have launched a vast network of Universal EV Charging Stations that use clean green solar power to charge an electric vehicle. This initiative was taken to phase out existing EV charging stations that use highly polluting thermal power to charge EVs, making the whole process an exercise in futility. Bringing their efforts towards a greener nation to fruition, they have recently opened India’s 1st Ever Sustainable Experience Centre that houses only certified eco-friendly products from local vendors and indigenous businesses.

Beyond this, Visaka has donated solar carts with ATUM to the underprivileged, enabling them to earn their livelihood and promoting environmental sustainability. It has also been helping the local people of nearby manufacturing units on a need basis and facilitating local customs and festivals. ATUM has been installed on the roofs of the homes of the underprivileged. Visaka has embarked on a journey to “Electrify Rural India’. Further, Vnext’s operations have been reported to have increased the groundwater level at their locations, thus benefiting the local communities with a positive impact through their rainwater harvesting techniques. Visaka Industries’ efforts have preserved countless trees, prevented tons of carbon emissions, recycled millions of PET bottles, and enriched many people’s lives.

On the occasion of #AzadiKaMahotsav, they would like to celebrate the nation’s struggle for freedom and honour all those who’ve fought tooth and nail to make it possible. The very least we can do is keep their memory alive by contributing positively to the development of our nation and helping it flourish for aeons to come. The Logical Indian lauds the steps taken by Visaka Industries in creating a sustainable ecosystem by being a true advocate for the cause and showing the world how actions truly do speak louder than words.

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