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Watch- Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon surprise tourists in ‘flashback’ video

Imagine running into not one but two of your favourite superstar celebrities while you are enjoying holidays as a tourist. Such scenarios happen not very frequently but when they do, they guarantee immense happiness and joy.

Screengrab of the video(Twitter/@FallonTonight)

On Thursday, official Twitter handle of The Tonight Show shared a flashback video of The Beatles superstar Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon surprising people by appearing before them while the tourists use the 30 Rock elevators.

The video opens with McCartney and Fallon discussing plans to prank tourists who will be entering the elevator of the historic Rockefeller Center in New York City. As the elevator moves up with a group of people, it halts at the floor where Fallon and McCartney are seated with their faces covered as they hold newspapers to the front. While the surprised tourists wonder what’s happening, the superstars uncover their faces to the shocked, amazed and star-struck people who cheer and wave at the celebrities.

Watch the video here:

They recreate the prank with other tourists too, at one time the duo are seen playing table tennis just in front of the elevator’s exit door. In the end of the video, McCartney is seen playing a guitar and singing while expecting to surprise another bunch of tourists. But when the elevator door opens, he gets pranked as there is no tourist inside it.

Fallon had shot a similar prank video with former first lady Michelle Obama, evoking bewilderment and joy among the tourists who frequent the venue in New York.

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