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WhatsApp Content Warning; Never Share These 4 Type Of Content On WhatsApp Groups

Misuse of WhatsApp Can Land You In BIG Trouble: WhatsApp is one of the world’s most used messaging platforms which is used by almost everyone in today’s time, and without it hardly anyone would imagine their smartphone. WhatsApp can be of great use to you, whether it is some important work in your office or something else. You can send text messages on it as well as engage in audio and video chat on it. With time, many changes have been made in it, but as time has changed, the company has also become very aware of it. Now there is some content that is considered completely prohibited on WhatsApp. If you try to send such content, then you may have to go to jail. Today we are going to tell you about such content.Also Read – WhatsApp To Soon Allow Group Admin To Delete Messages For Everyone. Check Details HERE

Copyright content

If you are sending copyrighted content of an original item to a group or sending it to your friends and someone comes to know about it and complains about it, then you may have to face legal consequences and pay heavy damages for this. Also Read – SBI WhatsApp Banking: What Services Are Available And How Customers Can Use it | Explained

Adult content on the group

Some people get added to a WhatsApp group and they keep sending adult content there continuously. But do you know that if anyone in the group complains about it then you might face legal consequences? You should avoid doing this and should not send such content to the group. Also Read – WhatsApp May Let You Keep Disappearing Messages Even After They Are Dead

Subversive activities

If you are sending any video or text related to terrorist activities in any WhatsApp group, then you may have to go to jail because the government keeps an eye on such messages and if someone complains, then you will face the music.

Someone’s MMS

If you make an MMS of a person and are constantly harassing or blackmailing them by sharing it on WhatsApp, then you may have to go to jail because doing so is a crime.

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