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Wheel of Fortune’s competitor leaves crowd shocked with response: ‘What!’

In the Monday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, contestant Khushi gave a wrong answer on the show. She was the tenth standard student who competed in Teen Week special episode with other fellow contestants. Her response left the audience in utter shock, which prompted them to shout: ‘What!’ quite loudly. Due to her wrong answer, she failed to win a trip to Antigua and US$650. A user shared her video from the show on social media handle. This invited a lot of reactions from the people in the comment section. (Also read: The Masked Singer 2023: All you should need to know about Season 9 from format, contestants, judges, costumes to timings)

A user named, Chad Mosher took to Twitter and shared Khushi’s video from Wheel of Wonder, and wrote, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single audience member audibly have such a violent reaction on Wheel of Fortune, as this lady did when a poor contestant called a G in ‘Fresh’.” Reacting to the video, one person commented, “I’ll remember this day next time I go to the grocery store and I cross “FREGH TROPICAL FRUIT” off my grocery list.”

Another person wrote, “Well, I can tell you first hand that it’s much different when you’re actually on a game show under pressure vs. thinking comfortably on your couch.” Other person commented, “I just crossed the name Khushi off my short list of baby girl names.” “Poor Khushi! I’m pretty sure she was nervous and wasn’t thinking straight” added other. “I was watching this live. I can’t repeat what I yelled (laughing emoji)”, wrote one.

In the clip, Pat Sajak, the esteemed host of Wheel of Fortune, encouraged Khushi to act quickly, either by solving the puzzle or spinning the wheel. Despite her nerves, Khushi chose to spin the wheel and it landed beside the $650 prize marker. She hesitantly guessed ‘G’ but was met with the wrong answer buzzer. An audience member spoke up, and the next contestant, Juliana, correctly guessed ‘S’ and won the game with the solution–Fresh Tropical Fruit.

The audience broke one of the show’s rules and was heard yelling, What!’, in the background after the contestant made a blunder.

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