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With Affordable Coal, Baghlan Cement Factory Resumes Work

Officials of Ghori Cement in Pul-e-Khumri said they had stopped operations due to the increasing price of coal, but now work has resumed. 

They restarted their production after an agreement with the Ministry of Mines and due to the decreasing price of coal, they said.

“With the leadership of the National Development Company and the cooperation of the Ministry of Mines, they gave us coal at good prices and now the coal comes from Karkar mines,” said Abdul Wakil Qayumi, financial and administrative deputy of Ghori Cement company in Baghlan. 

Meanwhile, Ghori Cement workers said they have returned to work and they asked the government to create more work facilities for workers. 

“Our loading and sales levels are good, we load 10 to 17 to 23 thousand bags daily,” said Mohammad Tahir, packing manager of Ghori cement factory. 

Officials said more than 800 employees work at the company.

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