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Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Making a Mark In The Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry is one of industries which is considered to be male dominated for decades.  All the renowned names in this industry have always been male, but now the scenario is changing. Unlike other industries, women are establishing themselves even in the restaurant business. This women’s entrepreneurship day, we would like to acknowledge some great women who are doing a remarkable job in their field.

Manjari Singh, co-founder of The Chhaunk

Manjari Singh is co-founder of The Chhaunk, a cloud kitchen startup which offers Bihari cuisine. After finishing her from Delhi University, she started her own business with brand Favola which caters to home and kitchen items. With 10 years of business experience and successfully running Favola and one multi-cuisine restaurant Dacha Social (Goa), she has launched her cloud kitchen project – The Chhaunk. As a woman entrepreneur, Singh started The Chhaunk in 2021 with her Saas, Hiranyamayi Shivani. In India, we believe that working with saas is too difficult but this Saas-Bahu duo has within one year launched 7+ outlets offering only Bihari cuisine. When running a business, having a great relationship is important. This duo makes a great saas-bahu team.

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Karyna Bajaj, Executive Director, KA Hospitality

The focus of Karyna Bajaj is on rebuilding and commercial planning of the group. Bajaj joined the company in July 2016 and has been crucial in improving Indian consumers’ perceptions of the Hakkasan and Yauatcha brands. In September 2016, Bajaj and her team began researching the industry to find another popular restaurant brand that would supply the savvy Indian burger shop with fresh and various flavours. This led to the opening of the Nara restaurant by KA Hospitality in the second half of 2017. The Nara Café emphasises the vibrant perfection of sufficiently aged Thai cuisine and the warmth of Thai hospitality to Indian burger establishments. Her desire in learning more and her bachelor’s degree in communication and business strategy are creating a new dynamic inside the hospitality group. Her most recent endeavour, CinCin, is a first for both her and KA Hospitality’s focus on regional brands. It is an Italian-inspired café and bar located in the bustling BKC neighbourhood close to Nara. A unique concept that offers a wide selection of wines by the glass, Cicchettis (small appetisers), a pasta bar, and everything Italian.

Pallavi Jayswal, Uno Más Tapas Bar Kitchen

Pallavi, the chef and co-founder of Uno Más -Tapas Bar Kitchen, gained experience under many well-known chefs before launching her own business. Nessun Dorma Food Ventures was also started by her. She has experience working at Thalassa, Indigo Restaurant, and numerous other prestigious restaurants in India. She holds a Diplôme de Cuisine from the renowned Le Cordon Bleu, London.

Dipna Anand, Founder, Dip in Brilliant

Award-winning celebrity chef Dipna Anand is the owner of Dip in Brilliant. She also shares co-ownership of London’s Southall-based Brilliant Restaurant. In Nairobi, Kenya, her granddad opened the original Brilliant café in the 1950s. Dipna started instructing as a tourist gourmet specialist after earning her accreditation in Hospitality and Catering from The University of West London. Additionally, she teaches a cooking school for Indian cuisine at The Brilliant Restaurant. Anand says, “My career took off when I received a public award on one of my culinary innovation initiatives, Low Fat Indian Food, introduced by the British Nutrition Foundation.”

Vidushi Sharma, Mensho Tokyo, Delhi

An ardent traveller and now, owner of Mensho Tokyo – Vidushi Sharma enjoys trying new cuisines and experiencing new cultures while travelling. The Michelin rated chain was introduced to India by Sharma and her partner who experienced authentic Ramen and other dishes and could not get them out of their thoughts. Identifying the market gap in India for good Ramen – that’s growing in popularity globally, She finally launched her dream project in 2021 after the pandemic delays. She is currently working on expanding Mensho Tokyo’s locations in Delhi and around the nation. She will also introduce new gourmet brand soon.

Here’s to all the incredible ladies out there who are breaking barriers and making their impact on history.

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