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Women Entrepreneurs Who Epitomize SHEconomic Successes


These women broke through the shackles and carved a niche for themselves in the financial space/realm


As India (our very own Bharat Mata) marches forward towards her ambitious goal of becoming the 3rd largest economy by 2027, it is imperative that women citizens play a pivotal role in its economic growth story. In alignment with this sentiment, the United Nations has aptly identified ‘INVEST IN WOMEN’ as the key theme for celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day. Financial decision-making for women is far more impacted by life events like education, marriage, motherhood; etc. True financial independence extends beyond earning income; it encompasses the ability to decide how to spend and invest that money. Unfortunately, for this, women often find themselves relying on their male counterparts – be it a father, brother, husband, or even a male friend.

And then, there are women who have broken these shackles by not just leading financial decision-making for themselves, but also advising and planning the finances for others around them. In an ode to their efforts, HSBC Mutual Fund captures their awe-inspiring stories of grit and passion that supersede all societal norms. Armed with education and knowledge, these professionals personify the true essence of empowerment and socio-economic freedom.


Vinita Baraya, a seasoned investment, independently manages over INR 100 crores in MFs. Vinita enjoys singing, gardening, and painting for well-being. Managing portfolios for multiple generations in 100 families, her story emphasizes the transformative power of support and the significance of family involvement in sustainable investment advisory growth.

Komal Thakur, CEO of The Gainers, founded her wealth management venture in 2020, addressing the market gap for personalized financial services. She prioritizes family as life’s most vital asset and integrates work and life through tips like limiting distractions, saying “no” when overwhelmed, and unplugging for quality family time.

Anjum Aggarwal, MD i2 FinServ, entered the finance world in 1999 with determination and passion. She finds unparalleled satisfaction in aiding people, especially senior citizens and women, to achieve their wealth goals. Emphasizing the significance of financial independence for women, she believes any woman can overcome life’s challenges with grit and determination.

Shifali Satsangee, the Founder and CEO of Funds Vedaa, stands at the helm of a thriving mutual funds distribution firm based in Agra. The firm, with a pan India footprint, caters to both the HNI segment and emerging income families, organizing financial wellness programs and fostering financial inclusion.


Amita Singh, a 41-year-old Mutual Fund distributor based in Patna, stands as a financial steward managing assets worth INR 77 crores for a diverse clientele of over 700 investors, ranging from retail customers to HNIs and corporates. Amita underscores the value of dedication, client-centric focus, and unwavering trust.

Sarbani Sahu Das, the force behind Vrishank Financial Services, symbolizes financial empowerment for women. Balancing family and financial autonomy, her journey highlights dedication. On International Women’s Day, she urges women to recognize their significance daily, celebrating their multifaceted abilities in running households and making sound financial decisions.

Sweta Singhania champions the cause of financial independence for women through her venture, Samriddhi Wealth. She believes, “The 21st century unfolds as a dynamic landscape where life’s pace matches the strides of progress. For me, the essence of this new era lies in the quest for Financial Independence, where individuals, especially women, can lead their lives without the encumbrance of financial concerns.”

Vinita Kejriwal, Director of Vinsan Financial Services Pvt Ltd has a stellar reputation, she manages a corpus of over INR 350 Crores across all financial products and serves more than 600 valuable clients. She believes in imparting financial empowerment to all individuals and conducts seminars specifically focused on “Financial Literacy for Women.”


With a robust 28-year journey in MF distribution, Mukul Pravin Kulkarni is a financial wizard in Nashik, Maharashtra. Beyond the numbers and charts, Mukul and her team are committed to fostering financial literacy, especially among women. Recognizing the traditional trend of men managing women’s finances, she takes proactive steps.

Nisreen Mamaji, founder of Money Works FS. Her advice to women: stand strong against objections, exude confidence, and embrace the journey. Her story goes beyond financial numbers, symbolizing the strength and indomitable spirit of a woman who defied stereotypes in a male-dominated industry.

Sangeeta Jhaveri, a CA since 1988, founded Prescient Financial Services in 2000. She manages over 1000 crores in assets for 750 families and 1500 investors. Sangeeta’s advice for women centers on financial literacy, empowering them for equal standing in family and community decisions.

Sonal Tushar Mehta, inspired by her mother’s financial management skills. Breaking stereotypes, she thrives in the so-called man’s world, motivated by helping clients achieve life goals. At her firm, loyalty and care are top priorities, with a commitment to accurate services and upholding trust.


Bhavna Samtani, Founder of Credel Capital Financial Services LLP, defied her business family’s expectations to pursue entrepreneurship driven by a desire for financial independence. She envisions a future where more women confidently navigate investments and entrepreneurship.

Priya Sunder, Co-founder and Director of PeakAlpha Investments shares a narrative shaped by familial values and a steadfast belief in gender equality. For Priya, empowering women financially is not just a choice but a necessity. Beyond the waves of feminism, she advocates for financial feminism, urging for equal access for women to earn money and build wealth.

Rajalakshmi Rajesh, Founder Director of Banconus FinServ Pvt Ltd in Trichy, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in finance in 2007. Despite lacking a family legacy, her drive led to Banconus, now managing around Rs.500 crores for 300 families. As a woman in finance, she faced initial challenges breaking mental barriers and balancing work and home life.

Kshitija Ravi, Founder of Gaining Ground Investment Services Pvt Ltd, leads a transformative journey in finance. As the architect of personalized financial planning, she redefines women’s roles in shaping life goals through investments, emphasizing their intuitive and empathetic approach.

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