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Yeh koi aam baat nahi: Actors on their favourite mango variety


It’s Mango day, and who doesn’t love mangoes! So, we get some actors to share their favourite variety out of the hundreds available in the market, read on to know.

Ashnoor Kaur calls herself a mango girl
Ashnoor Kaur calls herself a mango girl

Ashnoor Kaur

My favourite has been Alphonso ever since I was a child. I remember mom getting cartons of it to home and I would wait for May, not because it’s my birthday month but becayse it’s mango season. However, as you grow up, you realise how many calories it has and you have to keep a check on it. So I have to control a lot but Mango will always be my eternal love.

Shama Sikandar

My favourite is Alphonso as the flavours of an alphonso cannot be compared to any other kind of mangoes in the world. It’s called the king of mangoes for a reason. I also like dasheri aam. I have a lot of fond memories of childhood with it. We used to squirt it and just devour the flavours of freshly squeezed mango and all our mouths would get yellow and hands would get dirty but the joy of eating a dasheri aam was something else. That simplicity was so joyful. So in touch with nature. Now we are all prim and proper however, I still sometimes like to squeeze the mangoes and eat.

Jasmin Bhasin

I am a mango lover and eagerly wait for the mango season to arrive. As the first mangoes arrive, I make sure I get it and I do not care or count about how many mangoes I have eaten in a day. I can easily eat 4-6 mangoes and there is no diet when it comes to mangoes. I just like to cut them and eat them but I also like mango milkshakes, lassi, smoothies and even like to add them to my protein. I can skip my lunch or dinner to eat mangoes. Mangoes also give a little heat so I make sure to drink lots of water as I get some boils on my face. But that cannot stop me from eating mangoes. My favourite is Alphonso mangoes.

Sheena Bajaj

The moment the season starts, we go to the vegetable market and buy a lot of mangoes. Even at my place, we have aam puri and every night we have a ritual to have Aamras. Mango is the national fruit and all love it, whether I am in Mumbai, Delhi or any part of India, and my favourite is langda.

Sudhanshu Pandey

I love mango because since childhood the only fruit that I have been completely mad about has been mangoes. My father used to get them in bulk. All my childhood I have grown up on mangoes that was called langda. It is one of the best mangoes and it tastes the best. You can smell its fragrance from a kilometre away. Mango for me means Langda Aam.

Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty

You can’t reply to the question of why one likes a particular fruit. But Mango is of course special. It is crowned as the king of fruits. My favourite is Langda. I love it with vanilla ice cream as well as in milk shake.

Sneha Jain

This delightful fruit holds a special place in everyone’s hearts, even being our national fruit. Personally, I’m not much of a foodie. I like mangoes, and my favourite is langda. However, my family is more crazy about them. I don’t follow strict diets to maintain myself. But whenever I feel like enjoying some mangoes, I happily indulge in them. I prefer eating them raw or relishing aamras, as I love the natural taste of mangoes. Smoothies or shakes just don’t do it for me, as they alter the unique flavour. During our childhood days, mangoes would arrive at our home, and it would turn into a fun competition among us six siblings. We’d eagerly fight for the mango guthli (seed), and our mom would play referee, dividing it fairly among us one by one. At times, I forgo my lunch just to savor the deliciousness of mangoes. There’s nothing quite like the sheer joy of taking a bite into a ripe, juicy mango on a scorching summer day. Those were some cherished memories.

Mitaali Nag

Being in Mumbai, Alphonso or Hapus is what we get to our house to eat. It is the most common variety of mangoes in Mumbai. And I love it. However, I have very fond memories of having Banganapalli mangoes when I was a kid. My mother still sends them for me from Nagpur as they are not commonly available in Mumbai. And nothing beats the love I have for Banganapalli mangoes because along with its sweet taste it also has sweet memories attached to it.

Karan Tacker

I love Alphanso. It’s sweet and yummy. Most importantly, I think it’s the one mango we all look forward to.

Karanvir Bohra

My diet can go for a toss in the months of May and June. I lust for mangoes, literally. The first preference goes for alphonso, I like calling it Haafus. I like every variety, but Alphanso has to be on top. I eat around 6-7 mangoes a day. Poori poori petti khatam hojaati hai. I even have a farm house, from where I send mangoes to my friends.

Jay Bhanushali

I like Alphonso. I remember as a kid, coming from a middle class family, we all used to wait for the summer months so that we could get mangoes to relish. It used to be expensive at that time. It was fun to enjoy a little bit of mangoes because that was what my parents could afford at that time. So, we used to get crazy when we used to get mangoes or aam raas.

Saumya Tandon

I love mangoes. I have lived in various states and every state has its own variety of mango. When I was in Madhya Pradesh, it was langda, dasheri aam, chausa. When I came to Delhi, it was different, and in Mumbai it was alphonso. As a child, I remember we used to have small mangoes which we used to suck. My mother used to soak almost 25 mangoes overnight and we used to keep eating them all through the day. In Delhi, it was dasheri aam for me. My parents love langda. IN Mumbai, it was alphonso for me. I am a mango girl.

Aamir Ali

My favourite has always been Alphonso and I wait for the summers throughout the year to have it. I love everything about it – from the taste to the smell of it. It has a very peculiar taste to it.


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