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Your Thursday Forecast: best events in Florence

Future Perfect 2: la potenza in atto is the title of the 32nd edition of the festival focused on the graceful and dramatic movements of some of Florence’s best dancers. The remarkable choreography is enhanced by the centuries of cultural heritage surrounding it, with a unique circular stage set to create a spectacular viewing experience. 20 performances of dance, music, opera and theatre dazzle in this immersive project that involves star performers from Italian dance schools, such as Kinesis U25 and FloDance 2.0. Highlights include a striking performance on June 26 in honour of Leonardo-Il Visionario, choreographed by Marga Nativo with music by Stefano Burbi, while a vibrant Dante-dedicated performance on June 28 blends multimedia, dance and music in an impactful work titled Dante, Orpheus and The Khthónios Journey. On June 30, spectacular dancers from the National Dance Foundation/Aterballetto, perform Storie, choreographed by Diego Tortelli and Philippe Kratz. Tickets are available online.

Cloister of the Santa Maria Novella complex,

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