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YouTuber Khan Sir Blushes After Kapil Sharma Says ‘Raveena Tandon Follows You On Social Media’

The upcoming episode of The Kapil Sharma Show will feature YouTuber Khan Sir on the popular comedy show. Khan sir, who has a massive fan-following on the social media platform with more than 19 million subscribers, was seen blushing at the mention of Bollywood star Raveena Tandon.

In a promo clip released by Sony via their YouTube channel, the ‘blushing moment of Khan sir’ has left his fans wanting more. Host Kapil Sharma asked Khan sir “Aapke followers mein Raveena Tandon bhi hain?” To this, the YouTuber was seen blushing and saying “yes”. 

Kapil Sharma promptly said, “Kitni muskurahat aayi Khan saab.” Watch The Kapil Sharma Show promo here:

Several fans of Khan sir took to the comments section of the promo video to express their excitement to watch the full episode. One user wrote, “Only for” Khan sir”❤️❤️🥰🥰 eagerly waiting for this session.” While another comment read, “Khan sir the sensation of Internet. Waiting for Khna sir.  sony channel ab jada famous ho jaega.”

Meanwhile, the show’s host Kapil Sharma saw himself embroiled in a controversy after a fan posted a video of the show’s filming and revealed that the host uses a teleprompter for the show.

In a video shared by a user on Instagram, a glass window in the background of Kapil Sharma reflected the lines scrolling on the monitor. “I thought Kapil’s jokes are an improv but one can find a teleprompter running on the mirror behind,” the user wrote in the caption of his video.

Several Kapil Sharma fans took to the comments section of the post to react to the video. While defending the host, one user wrote, “Toh kya ho gaya bhai , news achor bhi yehi karte he , aur hame mazaa aata he sunke , log haste he aur kya chahiye.”

Another comment read, “The whole episode is shot in around 12 hours. Imagine learning a script worth that time. The talent here is remembering the jokes and landing them despite being unaffected by the promptor moving. Infact writer bhi alag hote hain aur re-takes bhi hote hain. It’s all in the process. :)”

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