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12% jump in road accidents, fatalities up by 16% in Bihar, Infra News, ET Infra

PATNA: Fatalities due to road accidents in the state started showing upward trend after a decline in 2020 because of travel restrictions owing to Covid-19 pandemic.

Bihar recorded 16.13% rise in road accident deaths in 2022, as compared to the previous year, according to the state transport department’s annual report on road accident and fatalities. The number of accidents has also increased by 12.9% during the year.

A total number of 10,790 road accidents were reported across the state last year, claiming 8,896 lives, compared to 9,553 accidents and 7,660 deaths in 2021. As per the report, Bihar reported maximum deaths, injuries and road accidents in 2022, when compared to the data of the last six years.

Maximum 52% deaths occurred in the state due to dangerous or careless driving/overtaking, 34% because of over-speeding and wrong side driving, 3% due to use of mobile phones while driving and other reasons. Due to impacting of vehicle, maximum accidents and fatalities are recorded on pedestrians, accounting to 34% of total road accidents. According to transport department officials, around 70% road accidents occurred on the highways.

Sheohar has registered maximum 575 road accidents last year, closely followed by 524 in East Champaran, 492 in Gaya, 487 in Madhubani, 464 in Sheikhpura and 406 in Samastipur.

In Patna, 415 road accidents were reported in 2022, killing 196 people, while 201 individuals were injured, as per the data shared by the Patna traffic police. Road accidents have increased by 59% and fatalities by 9.4% during the year.

Anil Kumar, traffic SP (Patna), said the district in 2022 witnessed a quantum jump in number of vehicles coming out on road after the lockdown period was over.

“Besides, the road connectivity in rural areas has improved, but there is lack of awareness among the people about safe driving. These are the two major reasons behind the rise in road accidents and fatalities in Patna,” he told TOI on Tuesday.

He added: “We are regularly conducting awareness drives and programmes at educational institutes and other places, keeping a tab on traffic violators and encouraging people to use safety gears like helmet and seat belts.”

There are 288 black spots (10 accidents and 10 deaths took place within a year) and 514 vulnerable points in Bihar where more than three persons died and less than 10 accidents took place within a year. According to transport officials, the department has been continuously working on 4 ‘Es’ of road safety – education, enforcement, engineering and emergency care, with the help of other government departments.

Dhanajay Kumar Bampat, nodal officer of Road Safety Council, said they are conducting road safety audit to identify more black spots and vulnerable points for rectification on various parameters, including alignment, road signage marking, geometry and engineering work. “The corrective measures are being taken with the help of other departments to create awareness among people and curb the road accidents and fatalities,” he said.

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