Latest Ports News and Updates from Around the Globe

India Ports News and Updates, the country’s largest port at Mumbai is now home to the world’s first fully-automated cargo handling facility with an automated cranes system that can lift up to 11,000 tonnes of cargo. The facility is expected to increase efficiency by 30% over current operations.

In China, Shanghai Port has launched a new pilot project that allows passengers to use biometric technology to access their luggage before arriving at their destination after they have passed through security checks for cabin baggage only. The project aims to improve passenger experience by reducing waiting times and delays in baggage delivery when passengers check in online ahead of travel.

In Australia, Sydney Port has announced plans to launch a new container terminal which will be located within its existing port facilities to allow for faster turnaround times between containers being unloaded/stored and reloaded/deployed onto vessels. The terminal will be able to handle 2 million TEU per annum and will be able to handle both standard containerised and bulk cargo types such as steel coils or coal briquettes.