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A pertinent question at this time of the year: where does one store their most precious baubles? Does one leave diamond pieces teetering precariously on the edge of a bedside table while they sleep? Ideally not. However late the party is, and regardless how much fun, when the eyeliner comes off the jewels should too. Whether it’s fancy costume pieces, twinkling golden chains or Granny’s heirloom brooch re-invented, if it’s not stored in the family vault then you need to find an equally beautiful place to house them.

And there’s plenty of options to choose from nowadays, as modern jewellery boxes – in line with modern interiors – have had a bit of a revamp. They can almost double-up as part of the bedroom decor. There are travel-friendly options at Louis Vuitton, whose fabulously chic monogrammed carry-on case will make sure you and your jewels don’t get into a twist on board. Or, invest in Globetrotters wonderfully luxe cream trunk (just don’t let the kids carry it).

Designers such as Roxanne First and J’amois will give you a heart-warming lift as you pack away your trinkets. Meantime designer Sophie Bille Brahe has given the traditional jewellery box a swanky contemporary touch with her statement mirrored cloud box — made for only the coolest of dressing tables. Alternatively, look to the future with a piece that will endure for generations, such as Jessica McCormack’s new wooden ‘Vamp’ box, embroidered with whimsical drawings, gothic myths and fairytales within.

‘A jewellery box is the place where you put your dearest belongings,’ says Bille Brahe. Surely that’s a good enough reason to invest in something as desirable as the treasured gems you intend to keep inside it? One thing’s for sure with these jewellery boxes, you will never leave your earrings dangling off the bedside table again. Happy gifting.


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