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2nd vax dose pushed back 4 weeks for 49k healthcare workers | Nagpur News


Nagpur: Around 49,390 healthcare workers (HCWs) from 11 districts of Vidarbha have not taken second dose of Covid-19 vaccine despite completion of the earlier maximum interval of eight weeks from first dose. Now, they will have to wait for another few weeks due to revision in gap to minimum 12 weeks and maximum 16 weeks.
The government had rolled out vaccine for HCWs— doctors, nurses, radiologists, technicians and other staff working in government and private hospitals — on January 16. At that time, second dose of Covishield as well as Covaxin was suggested after 28 days from first dose.
As per data of state’s public health department (PHD), 1,76,794 HCWs took first dose by March 21. The government on March 22 increased interval between two doses of Covishield to 6-8 weeks. The gap of 56 days was completed for these HCWs on May 16.


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As per PHD data, 1,27,404 (72.06%) HCWs had taken the second dose by May 16. Thus, 49,390 HCWs are pending for second dose.

Majority of HCWs had taken Covishield. On May 13, the government increased interval between two doses of Covishield to 12-16 weeks.

NMC additional municipal commissioner Ram Joshi told TOI, “Government has also made changes in Co-Win application. Now, whether it is HCWs or frontline workers (FLWs) or other citizens, they will become eligible for second dose of Covishield only after 12 weeks of first dose.”

Convener of Vidarbha Hospitals Association (VHA) Dr Anup Marar said, “It is painful to hear 49,390 HCWs did not take their second dose within prescribed maximum limit. Many HCWs, especially contractual employees, did not take vaccine as vaccination was interrupted in private hospitals from May 1. Eligible HCWs should have availed the opportunity when they were given first preference. Many HCWs were waiting as they were wary of queues at government centers and also aware that maximum gap between two doses is helpful.”

The government had started inoculation of FLWs from February 5. By March 21, 1,24,972 FLWs had taken the jab. As on May 16, 1,25,748 had taken second dose, which is more than those that had taken first dose on March 21. This means all availed second dose well before maximum interval.

The government had commenced vaccination of 60+ and 45+ with comorbidities on March 1. In this category, 1,75,804 citizens had taken first dose by March 21 of which 1,73,650 availed second dose by May 16. Only 2,154 beneficiaries are yet to take second dose. Some had contracted the disease in second wave, and will become eligible for second dose after 40-45 days from day of testing positive.

With implementation of new interval between two doses of Covishield, number of vaccinations has dropped to a great extent in the city. After receiving doses, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) had resumed second dose on May 13 and 14,519 took the jab. The number of beneficiaries declined to 9,548 on May 14 with implementation of new guidelines.

Then, the civic body resumed first dose of 45+ people to see rise in numbers to 14,468 on May 15. Number declined to 5,697 on May 16 and 4,888 on May 17.

NMC on Monday announced starting of inoculation of 45+ at two Drive-In Vaccination Centres. Earlier, only above 60 years were allowed but few from 45-59 years age group had availed it. NMC also announced continuation of inoculation on Tuesday. The government is likely to deliver fresh stock of doses on Tuesday.


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