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6 ways to use honey for dry skin: DIY scrub to night serum | Health

ByZarafshan Shiraz, New Delhi

Honey is a natural humectant with moisturising and nourishing properties, making it an excellent ingredient for dry skin. The therapeutic properties of honey are known by most households, as it is often used to replace sugar to make any edible item healthier but with its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties we need to know more about this magical ingredient that is like a flowing stream of goodness.

6 ways to use honey for dry skin: DIY scrub to night serum (Photo by Twitter/tnlounge)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Gaurav Singh, Founder and MD of Atulya – Beacon Bio Life Sciences Pvt Ltd., shared that there are two types of honey products which help alleviate dry skin –

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  1. Saffron and honey as face wash: Creating a saffron and honey face wash is a wonderful way to utilise the benefits of these natural ingredients for your skin. Saffron gives your skin the radiant glow that you want, while honey is a natural moisturiser that brightens and repairs dry, chapped skin. This face wash evens skin tone, brightens dark spots and enhances texture. It lessens the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation and other skin imperfections. It hydrates and exfoliates the skin naturally to get rid of dead cells. This face wash is suitable for all skin types and is free of harsh chemicals like silicone, sulphate and paraben.
  2. Honey as a lip balm: Honey lip balm will nourish your lips. The hydrating balm shields your lips from the harm that inclement weather may do. It moisturises the lips naturally, giving them a glossy, youthful appearance. To prevent chapped lips, use this lip balm before applying lipstick. Honey lip balm hydrates lips and freshens your lips all day. It gives your lips a subtle sheen. It moisturises and nourishes the lips for a considerable amount of time. It leaves lips smooth and supple by moisturising parched and dry lips. All skin types can use a honey lip balm because it is free of harsh ingredients. However, make sure that the honey you use is free from chemicals, especially sulphate, parabens and silicone. As it is suitable for all skin types, one can safely use it during the impending winter season and enjoy the happy changes that are brought about by a change in seasons.

Bringing her expertise to the same, Makeup Artist Pallavi Sohal, suggested transforming dry skin into a radiant canvas with the golden elixir – honey and encouraged embracing the natural goodness of honey as a skincare staple, unlocking its potential to nourish and hydrate, in the following ways –

  1. Honey Mask Magic: A simple honey mask for parched skin. Mix a tablespoon of raw honey with a teaspoon of yogurt and apply it to your face. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, allowing the honey’s humectant properties to moisturize and revitalise.
  2. Hydration Boost in Cleansing: Incorporate honey into your cleansing routine. Mix honey with your regular cleanser for an extra boost of hydration. Its antibacterial properties cleanse while its moisture-retaining qualities keep your skin supple.
  3. DIY Honey Scrub: Create a gentle exfoliating scrub with honey, sugar and a few drops of olive oil. Use this scrub once a week to slough off dry skin, revealing a smoother and radiant complexion.
  4. Honey-infused Night Serum: For an overnight hydration boost, mix a few drops of honey with your favourite nighttime serum. This concoction locks in moisture, leaving you with a dewy glow come morning.

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