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Accidental kill in Hogwarts Legacy leaves player with mysterious item

The magical world of Hogwarts Legacy has taken the gaming community by storm. Gamers around the globe are finding themselves lost in the wonders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, a recent incident involving one Hogwarts Legacy player has left the community in shock and awe.

While exploring the Forbidden Forest, a Hogwarts Legacy player encountered a Venomous Scurriour, a dangerous spider species. The player, known as Uselessmedics on Reddit, engaged in a fierce battle with the spider. As the player fought, they accidentally hit Sebastian Sallow, a notorious figure in the Wizarding World and a master of the Dark Arts, causing him to fall to the ground lifeless.

To the player’s surprise, Sallow dropped a mysterious item called dev_placeholder item upon death. The player reloaded their save, but the item remained in their inventory. Unsure of what to do with the item, the player turned to social media for help. The post went viral, and many Hogwarts Legacy fans expressed shock and disbelief at the accidental killing of such an important character.

Sebastian Sallow is known for his mastery of Unforgivable Curses and is a well-known NPC in Hogwarts Legacy. Players can befriend him to unlock exciting side quests, and completing one of the most famous side quests involving Sallow, “In The Shadow Of The Study,” rewards players with a unique spell.

Reddit post- Turns out it’s possible to accidentally kill Sebastian Sallow

Link to the Reddit post: Turns out it’s possible to accidentally kill Sebastian Sallow

However, the dev_placeholder item that Sallow dropped proved to be much more valuable than any spell. Uselessmedics discovered that the item granted them the ability to cast a powerful spell that controlled time itself. This made the player an unstoppable force in the Wizarding World and earned them the nickname of the “time-witch.”

The accidental killing of Sebastian Sallow has led the player down a path they could never have imagined, one filled with guilt, excitement, and mystery. The incident has sparked an interesting discussion among Hogwarts Legacy fans, who are eager to see where the player’s journey with the dev_placeholder item takes them next.

Hogwarts Legacy is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with PS4 and Xbox One versions launching May 5 and a Switch port releasing July 25. Join the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy and see where your journey takes you.

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