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Affordable, lightweight electronic two-wheeler on roads soon


Hyderabad: An affordable and lightweight electronic two-wheeler would be seen on city roads soon or parked at Metro rail stations.

The ultra-lightweight two-wheeler weighing just 6.8 kgs is being manufactured in Nacharam which shall be ready for sale in the market at the end of the current month.

This vehicle is the brainchild of Sri Harshvardhan who after a three-year stint in the Corporate world launched “Altan Energia” – a company established in 2019 to manufacture electronic two-wheelers.

Working extensively for two years, the company succeeded in manufacturing “fatyfive” bike in cooperation with the Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science.

The bike, according to Harshvardhan works on the principle of “lightweight, less electricity and more mileage”. The bike can carry a load of 120 kgs. It has a battery of 675 Watt per hour and with a charge of 75 minutes, it can be run for 65 km.

According to its manufacturer, this bike shall be the lightest and most affordable bike at Rs.35,000 available in the market which is comfortable for a short journey.

Currently 200 bikes are being manufactured in a month which seemed enough to cater to the initial requirement.


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