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Ahsoka Episode 6: Release date and time and what to expect


Ahsoka's journey continues! Mark your calendars for Episode 6 on Disney Plus. (Twitter. X)(Twitter. X)
Ahsoka’s journey continues! Mark your calendars for Episode 6 on Disney Plus. (Twitter. X)(Twitter. X)

As the new episodes of the Star Wars series Ahsoka continue to be released on Disney Plus, fans have grown eager. The gap between episodes 4 and 5 felt long due to the high anticipation for what would come next. Episode 4 featured the return of a legendary Star Wars character in a surprising cameo, and episode 5 lived up to the hype that followed.

Star Wars fans have been thrilled to see Ahsoka, portrayed by Rosario Dawson, showcase her live-action role in The Mandalorian. The series introduced new characters like Sabine, played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo; Baylan Skoll, portrayed by Ray Stevenson; Shin Hati, embodied by Ivanna Sakhno; and Ezra Bridger, brought to life by Eman Esfandi.

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Now, as we eagerly await episode 6, the question on everyone’s mind is: when will it be available on Disney Plus? Ahsoka episode 6 will be ready for streaming on Disney Plus in the UK at 2 a.m. (BST) on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. Viewers in the United States will get to enjoy Ahsoka at a more reasonable time. The show is scheduled to premiere at 6 p.m. (PT) and 9 p.m. (ET), providing an earlier release for US fans.

Following the typical pattern for Star Wars shows on Disney Plus, Ahsoka will continue its weekly release schedule.Ahsoka comprises a total of eight episodes, placing it in the middle of the pack when compared to other live-action Star Wars series on Disney Plus.

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The longest season, consisting of 12 episodes, is claimed by the critically acclaimed Andor, while last year’s miniseries Obi-Wan Kenobi falls on the shorter end with six episodes.

Here are the list of the total episodes:

Ahsoka episode 1 (Master and Apprentice) Wednesday 23rd August 2023 
Ahsoka episode 2 (Toil and Trouble) Wednesday 23rd August 2023
Ahsoka episode 3 (Time to Fly) Wednesday 30th August 2023
Ahsoka episode 4 (Fallen Jedi) Wednesday 6th September 2023
Ahsoka episode 5 (Shadow Warrior) Wednesday 13th September 2023
Ahsoka episode 6 (Not Yet Out) Wednesday 20th September 2023
Ahsoka episode 7 (Not Yet Out) Wednesday 27th September 2023
Ahsoka episode 8 (Not Yet Out) Wednesday 4th October 2023

With its eight chapters, Ahsoka matches The Mandalorian, from which it technically derives as a spin-off.


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