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Amazon Republic Day Sale: Get up to 59% off on Agaro home appliances


Explore unbeatable savings of up to 59% on essential small appliances during the Amazon Republic Day Sale. Elevate your kitchen experience without compromising your budget as you unleash the power of convenience and innovation. From efficient blenders to versatile toaster ovens, this exclusive event is your ticket to upgrading your culinary space.

Amazon Republic Day Sale: Boost your kitchen efficiency with big savings on essential Agaro appliances.(Amazon)
Amazon Republic Day Sale: Boost your kitchen efficiency with big savings on essential Agaro appliances.(Amazon)

Transform your cooking routine with Amazon’s sale, ensuring you get the most out of your kitchen essentials. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your home with top-quality appliances at unmatched prices during this special promotion. Upgrade today and make the most of the Amazon Sale!

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1. AGARO Esteem Multi Kettle 1.2 Litre, 600 watts with 3 Heating Modes & Rapid Boil Technology

Experience the AGARO Esteem Multi Kettle, a versatile appliance designed to elevate your daily routine. With a capacity of 1.2 litres and a robust 600-watt motor, it seamlessly combines efficiency with convenience. The kettle features three heating modes catering to various beverage preferences, while the Rapid Boil Technology ensures quick and efficient boiling. Its ergonomic design and user-friendly controls make it an ideal addition to any kitchen. Whether you’re brewing tea, coffee, or instant meals, this kettle provides a swift and reliable solution.

Specifications of AGARO Esteem Multi Kettle 1.2 Litre, 600 watts with 3 Heating Modes & Rapid Boil Technology:

Capacity: 1.2 litres

Power: 600 watts

Heating Modes: 3 modes

Technology: Rapid Boil

Design: Efficient and ergonomic

Controls: User-friendly


2. AGARO Electric Chopper, 400 Watts

Introducing the AGARO Electric Chopper, a powerhouse with 400 watts of precision. This compact kitchen companion revolutionizes food preparation, effortlessly chopping, mincing, and dicing ingredients in seconds. Its sleek design and user-friendly operation make it a must-have for every culinary enthusiast. Say goodbye to tedious chopping tasks and embrace efficiency with AGARO.

Specifications of AGARO Electric Chopper, 400 Watts:

Power: 400 watts

Functionality: Chopping, mincing, dicing

Design: Compact and sleek

Operation: User-friendly


3. AGARO Imperial Electric Pressure Cooker

The AGARO Imperial Electric Pressure Cooker is your kitchen’s new culinary ally. With advanced technology and a generous capacity, it streamlines cooking, delivering delicious meals in a fraction of the time. The intuitive design, combined with safety features, ensures a hassle-free cooking experience. Improve your kitchen efficiency with this essential appliance.

Specifications of AGARO Imperial Electric Pressure Cooker:

Capacity: 6 litres

Technology: Advanced pressure cooking.

Safety Features: Ensures secure cooking.

Design: Intuitive and user-friendly.

Versatility: Ideal for various cooking tasks.


4. AGARO Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowl with Lid

Experience culinary perfection with the AGARO Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowl with Lid. This sophisticated addition to your kitchen boasts a durable borosilicate glass construction, ensuring resilience to temperature fluctuations and long-lasting performance. With a thoughtfully designed lid, it seamlessly transforms from a mixing powerhouse to a storage solution. The versatile bowl is perfect for mixing ingredients, marinating, or presenting your culinary creations with style. Elevate your kitchen aesthetics and practicality with AGARO, where durability and elegance converge in a seamless blend. Add a touch of sophistication to your cooking and serving rituals with this essential Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowl.

Specifications of AGARO Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowl with Lid:

Material: Borosilicate glass

Includes: Matching lid

Versatility: Mixing, marinating, serving

Durability: Resistant to temperature changes.



5. AGARO Crest Portable Spot Cleaner

Introducing the AGARO Crest Portable Spot Cleaner, a compact powerhouse designed for on-the-go cleanliness. This portable cleaner combines efficiency with convenience, tackling stains and spills effortlessly. With its lightweight design and powerful performance, it’s your go-to solution for maintaining a spotless environment. The Crest Portable Spot Cleaner features advanced cleaning technology, making it suitable for various surfaces. Whether you’re dealing with carpet stains, upholstery spills, or unexpected messes, this versatile cleaner ensures a swift and effective solution, ensuring your surroundings stay pristine with ease.

Specifications of AGARO Crest Portable Spot Cleaner:

Portability: Compact and lightweight

Cleaning Technology: Advanced

Versatility: Suitable for various surfaces.

Performance: Powerful spot cleaning.

Application: Carpets, upholstery, and more.


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