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Amendments to the use regulations for the sale and manufacturing of Cannabinoids to be discussed – InForum

MOORHEAD – Amendments to the sale and manufacturing of cannabinoids will be discussed by the Planning Commission during a public hearing on Monday, Oct. 3.

The Commission plans to request amendments to the

City Code

regarding cannabinoid use regulations from the city of Moorhead.

Cannabinoids are a group of substances found in the cannabis plant, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH). One of the main substances found in the plant being THC.

In the use regulation section of the code, the allowable uses of land in different districts are outlined. Some uses are permitted, some are conditional, some are provisional and some are prohibited. Districts are divided into residential, mixed use, commercial and industrial.

For example, property for agriculture uses and processing is only allowable in industrial districts with conditional use permits.

Any establishment within the districts who is not compliant with the use regulations outlined in the Code will “not be permitted to continue without restriction,” according to the Code.

No mention of cannabinoids could be found within the Code by the Forum on Sept. 26. It is unknown at this time the nature of the amendments that the Commission will be requesting from the City.

During this meeting, citizens will have the opportunity to voice their opinions on the subject, according to a notice issued by the City of Moorhead.

Individuals who cannot attend the meeting can make a comment prior to 12-noon on Oct. 3 by contacting the Planning & Zoning staff at

, 218.299.5374 or writing P.O. Box 779, Moorhead, MN 56561.

Other items to be discussed include a vacation of right-of-way within Schreibers Addition, vacation of right-of-way within Hills Addition, vacation of easement within Queens Addition and a rezone request from PROffutt Limited Partnership.

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