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Another anime franchise is ready to rock the ground of Fortnite


With this forthcoming season Fortnite is ready to incite the anime fan’s heart. This time it’s an unexpected hyped crossover though, Attack on Titan X Fortnite is ready to hit in Chapter 4 Season 2.

Attack on Titan (Image Credit: Fortnite)
Attack on Titan (Image Credit: Fortnite)

Followed by Dragon Ball and Naruto, Attack on Titan is the new add on the Fortnite-anime list.

What to expect from the Attack on Titan Fortnite crossover?

The Fortnite X Attack on Titan crossover is the latest addition in the popular battle royal title. With more polished filters and updated game engine, the AoT Fortnite skin looks stunning than the previous anime skins.

The skin is coming alongside with the Battle Pass. That means if you have the pass you can unlock the AoT skins, no need to spend extra V-Bucks. Primarily the AoT Fortnite collab is going to be a skin but you can unlock a second style along with some extra cosmetics.

Here’s a list of the cosmetics you can unlock

· Eren Yeager skin

· Attack on Titan weapon wrap

· Ice Fist Pickaxe

· Angry Eren Yeager Emoticon

· Crossed Swords Banner Icon

· Scout Regiment Salute emote

All these cosmetics will be part of the first bonus page. The Second Page will feature more new cosmetics that are yet to unveil. To unlock these cosmetics you need to complete some in game quests.

More In-game items

The original trailer for the upcoming season showed a Grapple gun like in the title anime which you use while in the air. It will be a limited time item for high-mobility gameplay.

When is the new crossover update coming?.

At the moment, the Attack on Titan Fortnite crossover update is set to release on 15th April, Saturday, just a few more days to go.


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