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Antrangii TV’s Vibhu Agarwal forays into e-commerce biz with Ullu 99

Mumbai: Ullu app, Atrangii TV and App founder & CEO Vibhu Agarwal announced the launch of an e-commerce platform, Ullu 99  on Thursday. It includes all categories and brands, with an initial line of products like apparel, footwear, accessories, health, and hygiene, with a ship-and-drop module.

The platform’s USP is to increase penetration by offering fixed price points and value-added services across the entire nation. Due to the recent and significant growth of online shopping, e-commerce firms have successfully increased their market share relative to the retail sector, making a significant contribution to the world economy.

The prices of the goods on Ullu 99 will range from Rs 99 to Rs 899, giving customers not only a wide selection of goods but also competitive pricing. While orders can only be placed on the platform’s website, customers can connect with each other via social media (Facebook and Instagram).

Agarwal said, “Most people in today’s time are dependent on online shopping platforms, and these platforms have become even more prominent since the pandemic. In a strategic move to enter this highly lucrative and competitive space, our newest venture, Ullu 99, will provide customers with great quality products at amazing prices.”

He further added, “We’ve seen great success with our entertainment ventures, and we now look forward to offering value to shoppers in the e-commerce space as well. We hope customers shop and take advantage of the affordable prices across a variety of products.”

The company wants to target the Indian market segment that seeks out quality at competitive prices with a clear vision to expand throughout the country. By the end of 2022, the company hopes to have 200 million active customers, up from its current subscriber base of 89 million.

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