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Archana Gautam pokes fun at Abdu Rozik-MC Stan’s fight


Archana Gautam has said that her Bigg Boss 16 co-contestant Abdu Rozik has suffered a lot. She also poked fun at Abdu’s fight with season winner MC Stan and compared her own friendship with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary on the Salman Khan’s reality show. (Also read: Abdu Rozik’s team reveals MC Stan’s management damaged his car)

Archana Gautam talks about her own friendship with Priyanka and pokes fun at MC Stan and Abdu Rozik amid their public spat. (PTI)
Archana Gautam talks about her own friendship with Priyanka and pokes fun at MC Stan and Abdu Rozik amid their public spat. (PTI)

In a live session recently, Abdu Rozik blamed MC Stan for spreading lies and claimed that the rappper used him for publicity. Abdu’s team also issued a statement which claimed that two independent record labels wanted to collaborate with Abdu and Stan and Stan’s team allegedly told both that Stan and his team didn’t wish to work with Abdu.

Asked to comment on the public fight between the two Bigg Boss contestants, Archana told reporters at the Mumbai airport, “Bhaiya jab doodh mein nimbu daaloge toh dahi toh Banegi na… Issse acchi toh Humari dosti thi joh ab tak chal rahi hai Aur aage tak chalegi (If you add lemon to milk, curd will be formed. Our friendship was much better than theirs. We are still friends and will remain forever).”

Archana also claimed, “In between all this, Abdu is the one who has faced a lot. I strongly believe that everyone used Abdu. I don’t want to take names here, but Abdu’s name was out before the show started and everyone knew that he has strong social media following.” She said that most contestants searched online about Abdu (after his name was announced) and realised he has a good social media following. “Everyone used him and they would take sympathy from him. I have stayed inside and I know everyone used Abdu and I hope he realises it. I would say that you guys (MC Stan and Abdu) are friends, sit together, discuss things, and end this fight. Be friends again and just finish this rivalry,” she said.

She added that fights are unavoidable if people stay together 24X7, be it siblings or a couple. She also recalled that everyone else in the Bigg Boss 16 house would appear shocked each time Priyanka and Archana fought. “Now, see the truth is out.”

Archana shared a short clip from video on her Instagram Stories early Friday and wrote, “Yeh meri jaan Priyanka Chahar ke liye Tom and Jerry agar aap sacche ddost ho to ghar me ladaiyaan to hoti hai (This is for Priyanka, my life. Fights are bound to happen if your friendship is real).


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