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Sometimes even when we are craving a peaceful and calm life, we end up being part of dramatic experiences. This can have a deep impact on our mental health as well. The frequency of us being caught up in situations that are chaotic and messy can make us feel that there is a problem with us. “Drama magnet no more! If you’ve ever found yourself in the midst of chaos and crave a calmer life, this one’s for you,” wrote Therapist Benjamin Ekorhi as he explained how to find ways to come out of such situations. He further added that the first step towards a peaceful life starts with recognising the tendency to end up in chaotic situations.

Are you a drama magnet? Therapist shares signs to watch out for(Unsplash)
Are you a drama magnet? Therapist shares signs to watch out for(Unsplash)

The Therapist further shared a few signs of being a drama magnet:

Constant conflict: When we are constantly engaged in conflicts, disputes and arguments, often without us agreeing to be a part of it, it is a sign of being a drama magnet.

Gossip and drama-seeking: We also often seek drama by being the first person to know of a gossip and then passing it around.

Emotional rollercoaster: The nature of being prone to attracting drama to our lives also causes us to have mood swings.

Unhealthy relationships: One of the classic signs of being a drama magnet is the relationship we end up in. Most of them are chaotic and toxic in nature.

Attention-seeking behavior: Exaggerating situations, blowing things out of proportions and having tendencies of seeking attention are signs of being a drama magnet.

How do we stop attracting unhealthy drama? Here are a few tips:

Self-reflection: We should sit with ourselves and become aware of the emotions we have. When we start to map the tendencies and the behavioral patterns, we start to acknowledge the emotions.

Set boundaries: We should be able to set healthy boundaries and keep people who bring drama to our lives away from us.

Communication skills: We should work on our communication skills to resolve conflicts mindfully, rather than blowing them out of proportion.

Self-care: Instead of finding drama to get temporary excitement, we should focus on self-care routines and practice mindfulness.

Choose the company wisely: We should surround ourselves with people who help us in self-growth, instead of people who bring drama to our lives.


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