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Are you feeling like a burden? Signs to be aware of | Health


Often when we are depressed or too stressed, we end up feeling like a burden. This can also happen due to the behaviour patterns of people surrounding us. When our emotional needs are not met over a significant period of time, and we end up feeling drained of mentioning the needs and expectations of our close ones, we can feel like a burden for them. “Feeling like a burden can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to go through it alone. If you’ve realised that you often feel like a burden to others, it’s time to nip this pattern into the bud,” wrote Therapist Klara Kernig. Here are a few signs.

Are you feeling like a burden? Signs to be aware of(Unsplash)
Are you feeling like a burden? Signs to be aware of(Unsplash)

We hide problems: We feel that our problems are only mine to deal with. Thats why we stay silent and try to hide our problems from other people.

Hide negative emotions: We try and bottle up the negative emotions. We never want to address emotions as we feel that we are never important to others.

We apologise constantly: We try to apologise for everything, even for things that we are not to be blamed for. We feel the need to be constantly liked by others.

We are always thankful: Gratitude is a positive emotion but when we keep being thankful to people who do the bare minimum for us, we set our bar too allow for others.

We avoid upsetting others: We need to understand that no matter what we do and what we say, we will always end up upsetting someone. We need to set our priorities straight.

Escaping reality: We try to fill the void in our lives by becoming workaholic people and escaping reality in the process.

We never ask directly: We drop hints on our needs and wants instead of asking about them directly from others.


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