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Auto Expo 2023 registers record turnout of 6.36 lakh visitors

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Image Source : PTI Auto Expo 2023 was held after a gap of three years.

Auto Expo 2023: India’s flagship motor show concluded on Wednesday with a record turnout of over 6.36 lakh visitors, the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers said. Originally scheduled to be held in 2022, Auto Expo was postponed to this year due to COVID-19. The show witnessed five global launches, and the launching and unveiling of 75 products.

Auto Expo was last held in February 2020, the year COVID-19 pandemic started to hit the world.


Here are three factors that suggest why Auto Expo 2023 saw a record number of guests:  

Held following a gap of three years

A lot has changed and much has advanced in the Indian as well as worldwide auto industry since the pandemic struck the world.Auto Expo 2023 being held following a three-year gap drew out all the most recent that the business has brought to the table and plans to carry out in the times to come. 

Focus on electric vehicles

The last Auto Expo in 2020 was for the most part about plans and objectives, in some measure, taking everything into account. Auto Expo 2023, notwithstanding, was as much about creating electric vehicles. On the first day of the show, companies like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Kia, Tata Motors, and MG Motor displayed their futuristic electric vehicles and pledged to invest in sustainable mobility. Hyundai sent off its loniq 5 EV. Kia displayed the EV9 idea SUV.

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Centre around five drives

Auto Expo 2023 was held with an extraordinary spotlight on five explicit drives. These were centred around street security, advancement of bio-fuel vehicles, promoting EVs, regard for reusing vehicles and a focus on gas portability.


Q1. What’s the point of the auto expo?

It showcases new technologies, research and development, indigenous solutions, sustainable and responsible manufacturing, and more at the nation’s largest auto component show.

Q2. What is an Expo?

Expos are events that take place on a national or international scale and aim to provide a journey inside a selected expo topic or theme in order to help people find fundamental solutions to everyday problems.

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