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Being Empathetic is the best way to manage people In trying times

It is important for managers and supervisors to model self-care and support in responding to the psychological needs of their employees during the COVID 19 pandemic. Bosses should communicate that they are sensitive to the impact of the pandemic on the lives and work of their employees.   

Study shows that when employers demonstrate empathy and acknowledge how their employees live and work, they retain talent. Putting empathy into practice at the workplace means taking action when things go other way; it means helping employees at every step.   

Employees in organizations where there is high level of empathy-based management are more likely to agree that their workplace is inclusive. Employees working in an empathic culture are more likely to be happy with the company and they stick there for longer duration.    

Workplaces need it more than ever to take a more holistic view of employee well-being and ensure better performance management.

Recognising that the families and loved ones of employees need additional attention, ask them how they cope with work and non-work. When employees are struggling, employees and managers tend to jump on worst-case scenarios, panic and worry that a family emergency person will drop the ball at a critical upcoming presentation or that a supervisor working with children will not have the time to devote to his or her direct reports.   

85% of HR managers in medium-sized companies agree in the same survey that it is more important than ever for managers to show empathy, and this is even more true during the pandemic. A Gartner analysis showed that “managers who exhibit high levels of empathy have three times as much influence on their employees “performance as those who exhibit low levels of empathy.

In addressing the new personal and professional challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, experts say that it is more important than ever to have a manager who leads with empathy. You can turn empathy into action by donating time and money.

Leadership means showing empathy for others in these difficult times. As a society, we can agree that all is not well, but politicians argue that empathy with others can help alleviate problems. Feeling empathy allows you to cope with the anxiety you feel when you feel overwhelmed. Business leaders observe that one of the best ways to care for their employees “well-being is to bring empathy at work”. Addressing the needs of employees at the moment is important, experts say, but building a corporate culture that prioritizes empathy can also help strengthen the company as a whole. How we move forward empathetically is determined by the connection with managers and employees at all levels.   

Supervisors and managers must recognize that their employees may need additional psychological support as an occurrence of mental health problems among workers. By working from home, managers and managers recognize how much employees have on their plates, both at official work and at home. With the help of other managers, employees and colleagues can emerge stronger, not just as individuals, but as an organization.