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Bentley announces new Bentley Infrastructure Cloud, ProjectWise enhancements

Bentley Systems Inc., an infrastructure engineering software company, announced its combination of cloud-based systems to span the end-to-end lifecycle and value chain of infrastructure, Bentley Infrastructure Cloud.

Powered by the iTwin Platform and the company’s infrastructure schemas, Bentley Infrastructure Cloud will help with the creation of infrastructure digital twins.

Bentley Infrastructure Cloud encompasses ProjectWise, for project delivery; SYNCHRO, for construction; and AssetWise, for asset operations. These systems now leverage digital twin technologies, powered by iTwin, to open up data contained in engineering files through automated and intrinsic mapping to Bentley’s infrastructure schemas. The company says that this integrated cloud-based system will provide user organizations with significant opportunities to improve collaboration, productivity, and quality.

Because many workflows have a fragmented approach, information itself is often fragmented and divided — impeding groups’ connections, feedback, analytics, data reuse, and knowledge transfer. A unifying, cloud-based solution for fragmented data is designed to help with this interoperability.

“Infrastructure professionals deserve an evergreen digital twin environment for data that they can trust and act upon,” says Ken Adamson, Bentley’s senior vice president of enterprise systems. “I believe Bentley Systems is uniquely positioned to fulfill this requirement by virtue of the combined comprehensiveness of our ProjectWise, SYNCHRO, and AssetWise enterprise systems, our software’s intrinsic engineering fidelity, and our commitment to openness –including our unique resolve to semantically integrate the full range of relevant engineering file formats.”

ProjectWise, Powered by iTwin

Bentley Systems also unveiled enhancements to ProjectWise to extend its scope from work-in-progress engineering to full digital delivery. ProjectWise is a suite of engineering collaboration software products. The software suite now features new project portfolio, program management, and digital twin capabilities:

ProjectWise also now leverages iTwin Capture to integrate reality modeling data to capture and monitor the digital context of designs, geospatially coordinated with engineering data.

The 4D Design Review, powered by iTwin, will enable users to securely share large, complex models with their entire project ecosystem, regardless of authoring applications. Reviewers can perform virtual walk-throughs, query model information, and analyze embedded property data using a simple web browser.

Advanced Design Validation, powered by iTwin, includes 3D digital workflows, integration with Bentley’s OpenRoads and third-party applications, and enhanced visualization.

ProjectWise Components Center, a cloud-based digital component management and library service with direct integration to engineering applications, drives standardization, automation, and reuse of design objects to deliver projects faster and more reliably. Engineering firms can now leverage data from one design to another and create reusable components.

Digital Delivery capabilities leverage digital workflows to automate and manage the creation, exchange, and review of contractual deliverables including PDFs and Industry Foundation Classes, as well as digital twins.

“By leveraging the iTwin Platform, we are now able to advance ProjectWise beyond engineering work-in-progress for one project at a time, to be used across all projects to maximize insights, learnings, and reuse, and for machine learning,” says Lori Hufford, vice president of engineering collaboration for Bentley Systems. “ProjectWise users already have a wealth of project experience incorporated in their ProjectWise archives. Now as part of Bentley Infrastructure Cloud, ProjectWise can drive a necessary step-change in the efficiency, effectiveness, and transformation of engineering firms.”

AssetWise, Asset Health Monitoring Solutions

Finally, Bentley also announced the availability of new asset-specific solutions that leverage iTwin Experience, iTwin Capture, and iTwin IoT to deliver real-time asset health monitoring.

AssetWise Bridge Monitoring transforms traditional bridge inspections into a modern, digital workflow. By flying drones and using iTwin Capture to create a 3D digital twin of the bridge, inspections can be conducted virtually while tapping into expertise remotely and leveraging software to automatically identify and classify defects. Information is made available to stakeholders across the workflow via iTwin Experience. Inspection data required to correct issues can then be quickly handed over to maintenance, design, and construction to create substantial savings.

AssetWise Dam Monitoring is built for engineering firms to offer digital services to dam operators who are modernizing their dam safety programs to reduce risk and address growing regulatory requirements. The upcoming solution will provide unified access to sensor data and will be able to be deployed without the need for specialized technicians. Users can incorporate sensor data in any digital twin for a contextual view of real-time data and associated metrics.

AssetWise Bridge Monitoring and Dam Monitoring solutions are in early access now.

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