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Best induction stove: 10 top choices for faster, safer cooking


Who doesn’t need quick work? The modern world, with its modern requirements, makes every minute count, especially in the kitchen. Introducing the induction stove, which is a game-changer in cooking technology. Say goodbye to long preheating times and hello to instant heat at the touch of a button. But with so many options available, how do you choose the best one? Fear not, as we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 induction stoves for faster, safer cooking. Whether you’re a beginner in cooking or a seasoned chef, these stoves will revolutionize your cooking experience. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect induction stove for your kitchen!

Best induction stoves provide rapid and precise heating, allowing for quicker cooking times.
Best induction stoves provide rapid and precise heating, allowing for quicker cooking times.

1. Philips Viva Collection HD4928

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The Philips Viva Collection Induction Cooktop revolutionizes cooking withinduction stovetechnology. With a sleek black design and crystal glass surface, it brings sophistication to your kitchen. Its 2100-watt power and soft-touch buttons ensure effortless operation. The auto shut-off feature adds safety and convenience, while the single heating element provides efficiency. Experience Asia’s most trusted brand in domestic appliances, as recognized by ibrands360 & WCRCINT. Achieve the delight of cooking withprecise temperature control for perfect results every time.

Specifications of Philips Viva Collection HD4928

  1. Colour: Black
  2. Material: Glass
  3. Special Feature: Auto Shut Off
  4. Brand: PHILIPS
  5. Heating Elements:1
Pros Cons
Quick heating saves time. Limited temperature control.

2. Havells Induction Cooktop Insta Cook


The Havells Induction Cooktop Insta Cook delivers quick and efficient cooking with its 1400W power. Featuring four cooking options, it caters to versatile culinary needs. Boasting a 1-year product warranty and 3-year coil warranty, it ensures reliability. Its sleek glass ceramic design enhances any kitchen space. Powered by electricity, it offers portable convenience. Withrapid boiling and cooking times, it saves valuable kitchen minutes. Designed by Havells, this blackinduction stove with one heating element guarantees effortless cooking.

Specifications of Havells Induction Cooktop Insta Cook

  1. Brand: Havells
  2. Heating Elements: 1
  3. Colour: Black
  4. Power Source: Corded Electric
  5. Fuel Type: electric
Pros  Cons 
Energy efficient. Initial cost.

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3. Milton A4


The Milton A4 1200 Watt induction stoveboasts power efficiency, consuming only 1200 W while offering a wide cooking range. With automatic shut-off and overheat protection, it ensures safety in the kitchen. Its anti-skid design prevents slips and spills, while the high-quality crystal glass surface adds durability and elegance. The LED display allows for easy monitoring and control of cooking settings. Plus, it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, extendable by 6 months upon registration. Experience cooking with confidence on thisCool-to-the-touch cooktop surface.

Specifications of Milton A4

  1. Colour: Black
  2. Material: Glass
  3. Special Feature: Induction Cooktop
  4. Brand: MILTON
  5. Heating Elements: 1
Pros Cons
Versatile size for various document types. Higher price compared to standard paper.

4.Elicacy Premium


This premium induction stove from Elicacy boasts a sleek, modern design crafted from durable stainless steel and crystal glass. With a powerful 2000-Watt heating element, it’s compatible with all utensils, including stainless steel, cast iron, glass, ceramic, and even earthen pots. Featuring three pre-set cooking modes and a 4-digit LED display, it offers hands-free cooking with a feather touch panel and regulator control. Enjoy up to 4 hours of timer convenience, along with automatic pan detection, cooling fan, and auto shut-off for safety. With high/low voltage protection, it’s perfect for various cooking needs, making itenergy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Specifications of Elicacy Premium

  1. Colour: Black
  2. Material: Glass
  3. Special Feature: Electric
  4. Brand: Elicacy
  5. Heating Elements: 1
Pros Cons
Trusted by professionals for reliable outcomes. Higher cost compared to standard alternatives.

5. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise


Thisinduction stove by Pigeon offers convenient cooking with its 1800 watt power and crystal glass top. Its sleek design incorporates a 7-segment LED display for precise temperature and power control. With carbon steel worktop material, it’s durable and can withstand high temperatures. The smart timer feature allows for hands-free cooking, and its safety standards ensure it operates only with compatible cookware. Energy-efficient, it saves up to 93% of energy. Equipped with a soft push-button interface, this stove includes a 1-year warranty.

Specifications of Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise

  1. Brand: Pigeon
  2. Heating Elements: 1
  3. Colour : Black
  4. Power Source: Electric
  5. Fuel Type: Electric
Pros Cons
Fast heating Limited capacity

6. Usha Cookjoy (Cj2000Wtc)


This induction stove by Usha, the Cookjoy (Cj2000Wtc), brings convenience and efficiency to your kitchen. Its sleek design and touch panel make cooking a breeze. With the keep warm function, your dishes stay ready-to-eat long after cooking. Pause lets you cook at your own pace, while the child lock ensures safety. Enjoy the ease of 8 pre-set Indian menus and a 24-hour timer. Plus, it automatically switches to power-saving mode to prevent overheating. Thanks to pan sensor technology, it operates only when cookware is placed on it. Compatible with various cookware types, this induction cooktop is a versatile addition to any kitchen.

Specifications of Usha Cookjoy (Cj2000Wtc)

  1. Colour : Black
  2. Material: Plastic
  3. Special Feature: Electric
  4. Brand: USHA
  5. Heating Elements: 1
Pros Cons
Energy efficient operation. Relatively high price.

7. Prestige PIC 20


This induction stove by Prestige, the PIC 20, boasts a robust 1600 Watts power for swift cooking. With its Indian Menu option, culinary adventures are at your fingertips. Experience seamless cooking with automatic power and temperature adjustments. Its automatic voltage control ensures efficiency while the extended cooling system keeps things cool. This sleek black cooktop offers reliability with a 1-year warranty. The push-button control panel adds convenience, while features like the aerodynamic cooling system and anti-magnetic wall enhance safety and performance.

Specifications of Prestige PIC 20

  1. Brand: Prestige
  2. Heating Elements: 1
  3. Colour : Black
  4. Power Source: electric
  5. Fuel Type: Induction
Pros  cons
Energy efficiency Requires compatible cookware

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8. Bajaj Splendid 120TS


This induction stove is your kitchen’s ultimate companion. The Bajaj Splendid 120TS boasts a robust 1200W power, ensuring swift and efficient cooking. With a Voltage Pro feature, it effortlessly handles voltage fluctuations from 130V to 270V. Enjoy hassle-free cooking with its seven pre-set menus, while the pan sensor ensures safety by only heating when the right vessel is in place. Its sleek design, available in black or white, complements any kitchen decor. Plus, with insect protection and user-friendly tact switch controls, cooking becomes a breeze.

Specifications of Bajaj Splendid 120TS

  1. Colour : Black
  2. Material: Plastic
  3. Brand: Bajaj
  4. Heating Elements: 1
  5. Product Dimensions: 32.8D x 27.8W x 58H Centimeters
Pros Cons
Durable and long-lasting build quality. Limited cooking capacity.

9. iBELL IBL30YO Induction Cooktop


The iBELL IBL30YO Induction Cooktop boasts a sleek black design and robust features. With a power output of 2000W, it offers a wide cooking range suitable for various culinary needs. Its high-quality crystal glass top is complemented by press button controls for effortless operation. Equipped with auto shut off and overheat protection, safety is paramount. BIS certification ensures quality and reliability. The LED display enhances user convenience. Enjoy super wide voltage adaptability and high-quality coils for efficient cooking

Specifications of iBELL IBL30YO Induction Cooktop

  1. Colour : Black 30Y0
  2. Material: Plastic
  3. Special Feature: Digital Display, Automatic Shut Off
  4. Brand: IBELL
  5. Heating Elements: 1
Pros Cons
Easy to clean surface Limited pot compatibility

10. Longway Elite Plus IC


This induction stove, the Longway Elite Plus IC 2000 Watt Induction Cooktop, offers efficient cooking with its 2000 Watt power consumption. Crafted with durable ABS plastic, it ensures safety with shock-proof and rust-proof technology. Featuring 8 preset functions, it enables the creation of delicious dishes effortlessly. With a compact design, it is both sturdy and energy-efficient. The package includes the induction cooktop and an instruction manual. Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year limited domestic brand warranty from Longway.

Specifications of Longway Elite Plus IC

  1. Colour: Black
  2. Material: Glass, Plastic, Metal
  3. Special Feature: Dishwasher Safe
  4. Brand: LONGWAY
  5. Heating Elements: 1
Pros Cons
Advanced safety features. Limited cargo space.

Top 3 Features For You

Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
Philips Viva Collection HD4928 For fast cooking  Smart sense technology  Withstands voltage fluctuation 
Havells Induction Cooktop Insta Cook Cooking Options Double MOV Technology Timer up to 2 hours
Milton A4 Power efficient Automatic shut off  High quality crystal glass
Elicacy Premium  Easy to clean  Feather touch control Easy to maintain
Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 7 segments LED display  Soft push buttons  Aerodynamic cooling system
Prestige PIC 20 Extended Cooling System Push button 8 pre-set menus
Usha Cookjoy (Cj2000Wtc) Sleek Induction Cooktop 24 hour timer Insect Protection and Tact switch controls
Bajaj Splendid 120TS Digital LED Display 7 Pre-Set Menus Super wide voltage adaptability
iBELL IBL30YO Induction Cooktop Wide cooking range LED display ABS Plastic with Shock-Proof
Longway Elite Plus IC Efficient technology 8 Preset Functions ABS Plastic with Shock-Proof

Best overall product:

When it comes to top-notch performance and user-friendly design, the Philips Viva Collection HD4928 stands out as the best overall product in the realm of induction stoves. This sleek and sophisticated cooktop not only adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen but also revolutionizes your cooking experience. With its lightning-fast heating capabilities and precise temperature control, you can say goodbye to long preheating times and hello to instant culinary magic at your fingertips. Plus, its auto shut-off feature ensures safety and peace of mind, making every cooking session a hassle-free delight.

Best value for money product:

Looking for a reliable companion in your kitchen that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Milton A4 induction stove – the epitome of value for money. With its efficient performance and robust safety features, this budget-friendly appliance offers everything you need and more without emptying your wallet. From its durable construction to its user-friendly interface, every aspect of the Milton A4 is designed to deliver maximum bang for your buck.

How to Choose an Induction Stove?

Choosing the perfect induction stove for your kitchen can seem like a big task, but fret not – we’ve got you covered with some handy tips to help you make the right decision. First and foremost, consider your cooking needs and preferences. Do you require high power for quick cooking, or are you more focused on energy efficiency? Next, prioritize safety features such as auto shut-off and overheating protection to ensure a secure cooking environment. Don’t forget about design – opt for a stove that complements your kitchen aesthetic while offering practicality. Lastly, check the warranty to ensure peace of mind and long-term satisfaction with your chosen induction stove.

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