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Minnesota law requires dogs and cats to have access to good nutrition and clean drinking water, enough space to comfortably move around, clean living conditions, the opportunity to exercise and safe temperatures. Minnesota’s cities also have pet licensing laws that you’ll need to be familiar with as a cat or dog owner.

Minneapolis Pet Laws

If you own a cat or dog in Minneapolis, you’ll need to make sure they’re up to date with their rabies vaccinations. You’ll then need to purchase a license for each pet and attach it to its collar. The city says almost all lost pets wearing their license tags get returned to their owners.

If you have four or more cats, four or more dogs or five or more dogs and cats, you have to get a multiple pet license. And if you want to take your dog to an off-leash dog park, you’ll need a separate license for that. With proof of low income, you may qualify for reduced licensing fees.

St. Paul Pet Laws

St. Paul only requires licenses for dogs, not cats. As usual, your dog needs a current rabies vaccination before you can buy a license. Make sure to do it before your dog is three months old, when the licensing law kicks in. Your license fee helps go toward sheltering lost pets and reuniting them with their owners.

In St. Paul, you can either renew your license annually or, if your pet is microchipped, pay a lifetime licensing fee. Licensing is far cheaper for altered dogs: $20 per year or $140 lifetime vs. $80 per year. You can also get a discount if you’re 62 or older or if you receive means-tested public assistance.

Rochester Pet Laws

Rochester requires dog and cat owners to keep their pets current on rabies vaccines and place an ID tag on their pets’ collars or get their pets microchipped. However, you won’t have to purchase a pet license. The city prohibits owning more than five dogs over six months old.

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