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Bharti Singh recalls the time she went for nationals as a professional shooter


Bharti Singh recalled the time she went for the nationals as a rifle shooter and said that others had their own rifles while she could not afford one. That was the time she felt she must earn a lot of money, an ETimes report quoted her as saying. Bharti returned to practice shooting after a long time and shared a glimpse of her practice in her latest vlog. (Also read: Kapil Sharma’s daughter makes ramp debut, Bharti Singh’s son also spotted)

Bharti Singh resumes rifle shooting practice.
Bharti Singh resumes rifle shooting practice.

When Bharti Singh ‘cursed’ herself

Bharti was seen hitting some good shots at the practice and her coach advised her that she must start regular practice again. The English daily quoted her as saying, “15 years ago when I used to practice rifle shooting. Jab main nationals ke liye jaati thi tab sabki apni apni rifle hoti thi aur hum University ke taraf se jaate the. Tab main apne aap ko bada kosti thi (When I went for the nationals, everyone had their own rifle and we were sent on behalf of our university. I used to curse myself a lot). I told myself that I have to earn a lot of money and buy my own rifle.”

Scaring Haarsh

Soon after she flaunted her target-card to her son upon reaching home, fondly known as Gola, he tore it down and Bharti then told him in the vlog, “Why did you tear it down? I brought it home to scare your father.” She had earlier shown the card to husband, comedian Haarsh Limbachiyaa.

After completing her practice, Bharti said in her vlog that she felt a bit lazy before stepping out for the practice, but she enjoyed it a lot once she crossed that barrier. She also had a piece of advice for those who are fed up of people around them. “Please come here, imagine the person you are angry with as your target and shoot.”

In her video, Bharti also said that she only gets free time in the evening when her son Gola, and her dog Bhura are not around her. She added that it is the best time for her to practice shooting. She also joked that her bodyguard often feels jealous of her as he has the gun, but she keeps shooting (for practice). “I will become my own bodyguard.”

In a 2021 interview with Maniesh Paul, Bharti talked about the time she was a professional archer and rifle shooter. She said that she remained in sports mainly to ensure a healthy supply of food for her family as they faced major financial constraints at the time.


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