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Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan tells Khanzaadi to get out of the house


Looks like Khanzaadi is the latest Bigg Boss contestant itching to leave the house. The singer, whose real name is Firoza Khan, got another scolding from Salman Khan on this Weekend Ka Vaar. However, this time, she seemed willing to even leave the show. (Also read: Orry enters Bigg Boss 17 as new Wildcard, cracks up Salman Khan on stage; Janhvi Kapoor asks: ‘Is the world ready?’)

Khanzaadi looked frustrated after getting scolded by Salman Khan once again.
Khanzaadi looked frustrated after getting scolded by Salman Khan once again.

A new promo shows how during a task with Jigna Vohra, Khanzaadi got irritated as she brought up her health issues. “Meri health to leke aap mazaak mat kijiye (Don’t joke about my health),” Khanzaadi told Jigna, who refused to listen. Salman was also fed up of her attitude and said, “Khanzaadi, ho gaya bahut (that is enough).”

Khanzaadi got emotional and said that she doesn’t want to hear anything about her physical health. “Physical health ke baare mein sirf tumne baatein ki hain (Only you have brought up physical health on the show),” Salman angrily tells her. As Khanzaadi says that she wants to go home, Salman asks, “Jaana hai ghar? Haan toh jaao (You want to go home? Then leave).”

Khanzaadi storms out and starts howling at the gate as Ankita Lokhande and others console her and tell her to calm down.

Fans of the show thought Salman overdid it this time. “Khanzadi v thoda jada karti he ….lekin is bar Salman Bhai ne hi kuch jada kar dia ..not expected (Khanzaai overdoes it sometime but this time, Salman overdid it),” read a comment on Instagram. Another person thought Khanzaadi was lazy. “Ankita and khanzaadi, 2 kaamchors in the house. Only know how to play sympathy cards. There is a reason why whole house is against khanzaadi because she lies all the time, she pokes people and then irritate them,” they wrote. A fan also commented, “Khanjadi ka health ke bareme nhi bolna chahiye kiuki uska problem hai (They shouldn’t speak about her health issues).”

Weekend Ka Vaar airs on Colors at 10PM on Friday and 9PM on Saturday.


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