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Bigg Boss Kannada 10 winner Karthik Mahesh lifts trophy, takes ₹50 lakh home

In the grand finale of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10, Karthik Mahesh emerged as the winner. Throughout the season, he displayed remarkable confidence, though he appeared tense in the final moments.

Karthik Mahesh has won the latest season of Bigg Boss Kannada.

As the season progressed, with Varthur Santosh and Vinay Gowda being eliminated, the remaining contestants in the house were Karthik, Sangeetha, and Pratap. Host Kiccha Sudeep personally visited the house, shared coffee and conversations with them, and then escorted the three finalists to the main stage.

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On the main stage, Kiccha announced Sangeetha Shringeri as the second runner-up, leaving Karthik and Drone Pratap as the final two contestants. The tension was palpable at this moment, with Kiccha holding the hands of Karthik and Pratap. It was a significant and emotional moment for Karthik, his fans, and viewers across Karnataka when Kiccha raised Karthik’s hand, signalling his victory. Karthik won 50 lakh and a Maruti Brezza car.

Karthik’s journey in the show was characterized by his strong physique, child-like innocence, determination, and emotional nature. He had previously gained recognition for his role in the National Award-winning film ‘Dollu’ and had acted in several serials. Despite uncertainties and facing the tag of ‘incompetent’ at times, Karthik faced every challenge with determination. His gameplay, friendships, and straightforward approach drew attention. Notably, his rivalry with Vinay at one point highlighted his strength and capabilities.

Karthik’s leadership qualities were evident throughout the season, as he became the house captain twice. He was not just a strict disciplinarian but also earned everyone’s trust and maintained a happy environment, showing his leadership in various house activities.

During the fourth week, Karthik led his team to victory against Tanisha’s team. He faced tough competition from Pratap, Namrata, Tukali Santosh, and Varthur Santosh but managed to secure his position as a leader. In the eighth week, he again proved his leadership skills.

Karthik, Sangeetha, and Tanisha developed a close friendship, with romantic angles at times between Sangeetha and Karthik, though Sangeetha clarified she preferred friendship. This friendship went through ups and downs, especially when Sangeetha decided to join Vinay’s team, leading to a distancing in their relationship.

Karthik’s playful and flirty side was also seen in his interactions with Namrata. Despite some teasing and flirting, their relationship was seen as healthy and comfortable.

However, his journey wasn’t without emotional challenges. A particularly moving moment was when Karthik’s mother visited the house on the 81st day. He was visibly emotional and couldn’t contain his tears, showing a softer side to his otherwise strong personality.

In summary, Karthik Mahesh’s journey in Bigg Boss Kannada was filled with emotional, physical, and mental challenges, making his victory in this season all the more remarkable.

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