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Bigg Boss: Orry thinks World Cup is ‘next year’ as Abhishek asks him who won


The entire country was glued to their TV screens last Sunday, but not Orry. Looks like Orry (or Orhan Awatramani as is his real name), has no interest in cricket and did not even know that the ICC World Cup just ended with Australia’s win… or that a cricket World Cup was played this year at all. (Also read: Orry enters Bigg Boss 17 as new Wildcard, cracks up Salman Khan on stage; Janhvi Kapoor asks: ‘Is the world ready?’)

Abhishek Kumar's query on World Cup was left unanswered by Orry.
Abhishek Kumar’s query on World Cup was left unanswered by Orry.

Orry entered the Bigg Boss 17 house on Friday during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Inside the house, he changed into a bunch of outfits, interacted with contestants as they threw him a party. Seems like the contestants will be tasked with entertaining him.

Actor Rinku Dhawan asked Orry what he does for a living when he reiterated his stance: he said he’s ‘chilling, breating, vibing and surviving’ in life. Abhishek Kumar then asked him who won the World Cup when Orry said, “World Cup next year hai na (Isn’t it next year)?”

The contestants also composed a rap song for him but Orry looked bored and asked to use the toilet.

Meanwhile, he was spotted on Saturday night at a party for the Archies cast and crew in Mumbai. Fans wondered if he is already out of the house. “Wasn’t he in big boss,” asked a person in the comment section of a paparazzi video of him. “WAIT HIS NOT IN BIGGBOSS17 house,” asked another. “Bigg Boss ne ek din mei nikal diya kya (Did Bigg Boss throw him out in just a day),” read another comment.

On Friday’s Weekend Ka Vaar, host Salman Khan introduced the viewers to Orry. Salman asks him on the show, “Orry kya karta he ye mujhe bhi janna he (What does Orry do for a living, even I want to know).” To this, Orry rolls his eyes and replies, “Bahut kaam karta he… suraj ke saath uthta he. Chaand ke saath sota he (A lot of work. I wake up with the sun and sleep with the moon).”

Orry is BFFs with Bollywood star kids such as Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor and often posts pictures and videos with them from luxe parties of Mumbai. It is a mystery as to what does he actually do for a living.


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