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Biocon Biologics completes integration of Viatris’ biosimilar business in 120 countries


Headline: Biocon Biologics completes integration of Viatris’ biosimilar business in 120 countries

Biocon Biologics on Monday said it has completed integration of the acquired Viatris’ biosimilar business in 120 countries, a year ahead of schedule.

The company said over 10 emerging markets along with Japan, Australia and New Zealand have transitioned in this final phase of the integration of the biosimilars business acquired from Viatris.

With the completion of this significant milestone, Biocon Biologics is now a fully integrated ‘lab to market’ biosimilars company committed to serving millions of patients across the globe.

Around 70 emerging markets were integrated in July, the North America business transitioned in September and the European business in November.

Biocon Biologics has made several key leadership appointments, built new capabilities and infrastructure from the ground up and set up dedicated teams to address the growing needs of patients and customers through self-led and partner or distributor-led commercial models.Biocon Biologics will now have a commercial footprint across 120 countries with a direct presence in the US, Canada, Europe and 9 key emerging market countries, namely India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. A direct presence in these markets will enable the Company to get closer to patients and strengthen its relationships with prescribers and payers. It will also allow Biocon Biologics to expand its patient reach and generate significant savings for healthcare systems.

All Viatris’ biosimilar brands, including Ogivri & Hertraz (trastuzumab), Abevmy (bevacizumab), Fulphila (pegfilgrastim), Hulio (adalimumab), Nepexto (etanercept), Semglee (glargine) and Kirsty (aspart), will now be marketed by Biocon Biologics teams, ensuring business continuity for patients, prescribers, partners, and healthcare systems. Most of these products have been developed by Biocon Biologics and are being manufactured at the Company’s facilities in India and Malaysia. The diverse portfolio covers key therapeutic areas of diabetology, oncology and immunology.

“This seamless transition, achieved ahead of schedule, is an outcome of relentless focus, untiring efforts and an unwavering commitment to patients and business continuity,” said Shreehas Tambe, CEO & MD, Biocon Biologics.


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