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BT Future of Finance Podcast: Transaction banking and trade finance

As a leader in transaction banking for trade finance clients, HSBC believes every challenge is an opportunity. How can your business keep up with the evolution to better position itself for the future? We speak to Shayan Hazir, chief digital officer, HSBC to find out.

This episode of Future of Finance podcast is presented by HSBC Singapore.


1:28 Continuing challenges to transformation

4:06 Top challenge: working capital

6:41 Internationalisation and mindset

10:08 Resilience in volatile times

12:05 Web3, DeFi, embedded finance, tokenisation

16:32 Benefits to consumers

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Building Smarter Businesses Together

HSBC’s Digital Banking Solutions for SMEs…

HSBC Commercial Banking

Produced by: Howie Lim, Claressa Monteiro & Lee Kim Siang

Edited by: Howie Lim & Claressa Monteiro

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