‘Building personal touch with customers is an underrated marketing strategy’


India has always been one of the most populated countries in the world thus, leading to an even larger demand for consumer goods. In a country where the reduction in the price of FMCG goods has often been one of the main pointers in election manifestos, we can well ascertain the importance of this sector. I started my FMCG business journey when I was 16 with 8 years of experience in the FMCG world today I want to share the marketing expansion strategy that worked out for me.

Having key opinion leaders on your side:

Find influential people, make them your life long customers and through them spread the word out. There is no better marketing strategy than word of mouth publicity. The depth of influence will only come in the picture when there is a personal touch or preference. That’s why having someone who has some influence in a particular area or field, locality or building

promoting your product will give you an edge over your competitors. Having someone vouch for your product is very powerful especially in rural India as people will trust your product or brand more because someone who has the influence has built the credibility and trust for the product. 

Focus on concentration and depth rather than width:

If there are 20 areas in one city and let’s assume there are 20 retail stores in each area where you can cater. If you try to get the shelf space in one store in every area that’s the width and you try to be in all 20 stores in one particular area that’s depth. I feel depth is more powerful than width.

If you are available in all the stores in one area, even the people who don’t use your product will automatically start to notice you and will end up buying your product If you are present in all the stores in one particular area there is this halo effect that goes on if you are very big in one area. 5 people in one area believe its a good product, they will refer it to 10 people and the cycle goes on.

This way any FMCG brand can command a good premium and depth in one area. People from other areas will automatically assume that your brand is much bigger, the depth of the influence is there and now as an FMCG brand, you will have buyers coming to you to keep your products in their store.

Focus on giving and care:

I believe giving and caring is the most underrated marketing strategy. Think about people who are directly buying from you. For me, it was the retailers, the challenge was how can I give them more and care for them. So regardless of weather, they are promoting my business or not I was helping them expand their retail stores with my strategies, by helping them organise their business so that they can work effectively and efficiently by providing them with an extra added value that none of my competitors did.

Building a personal touch with people you have business with by giving them extra and showing efforts is the most underrated marketing strategy. Focusing on people who are directly buying from you and build the relation to help each other grow.

Free Sampling:

I have rarely seen people giving out free samples, most people believe that it is an expensive way to acquire new customers. On the contrary, I believe the cost of acquiring customers is too low with free sampling because the customer directly gets to use your product. One thing that any aspiring FMCG entrepreneur should understand is that when someone gives out a free sample in a miniature form or miniature product, the drawback with this is only the people who are highly interested in the product would use it and rest 80% – 90% people would throw the product.

Here the catch is to give out the product which is equivalent to the product you are offering for the upsell. let’s say if I have a 250 ml bottle of dish wash, I won’t give 20 ml sachet. I would give a 250 ml bottle as a sample. So when someone gets a 250 ml bottle as a free sample they won’t throw the product, people throw 1 rupee sachet they don’t throw an entire bottle which they can use on daily basis. The cost is high here but the customer acquisition is guaranteed 80 % of the time. And at the end of the day, customer acquisition is what any brand is looking for to expand its business.

You need to make sure that the customer gets to know that you are offering the best product at the right price which is better than the competitors. What is the better way to do that? Everyone understands during advertisements on big billboards, radio channel, TV ads they are gonna talk about the merit of their products, features and benefits but how many people are ready to prove that. Very few people!

Become the few people who are ready to prove by giving them a free product that is equivalent to the product and not miniature. These are the best marketing strategies for FMCG products in India according to me if you want to grab the market and fortify the brand.

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