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Can you undo tubal ligation? Can one conceive if they have tied fallopian tubes? | Health


Did you know while tubal ligation is an extremely effective method for preventing pregnancy, it does not offer complete certainty? For the uninitiated, this health procedure is done either as an open surgery or it can be done laparoscopically.

Is it possible to undo a tubal ligation? Can one conceive if they have tied their fallopian tubes? (Pexels)
Is it possible to undo a tubal ligation? Can one conceive if they have tied their fallopian tubes? (Pexels)

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Dr Rupali Tambe, Fertility Consultant at Nova IVF Fertility in Pune, explained, “The procedure involves either cutting, tying, or blocking the fallopian tubes to permanently control birth (sterilization). This intervention effectively hinders egg movement from ovaries to fallopian tubes while also preventing sperm from reaching an egg through these tubes. Despite its high efficacy as a contraceptive measure, tubal ligation has its limitations.”

She elaborated, “There remains a slight possibility of becoming pregnant even after undergoing this procedure. There are several approaches to this procedure, varying from less invasive techniques like laparoscopy to more extensive surgery. One option is to make a small incision in the abdomen known as mini laparotomy, while another possibility is performing it during a caesarean section immediately after childbirth.”

Why do women opt for this procedure?

Dr Rupali Tambe answered, “Tubal ligation is a method of permanent sterilisation in a woman. Situations that may warrant this form of birth control include being an adult woman, facing potential health risks associated with pregnancy, or having a genetic disorder that one does not want to pass on to children. Nevertheless, if there is uncertainty about future plans for parenthood or the possibility of new partners entering the picture, it is important to reassess the suitability of this contraceptive option.”

Any risks attached to this procedure?

According to Dr Rupali Tambe, additional hazards to be mindful of include a higher likelihood of ectopic or tubal pregnancy if conception occurs after tubal ligation. She shared, “Ectopic pregnancies arise due to this procedure. This condition can result in tube rupture and pose life-threatening risks. Employing an extra contraceptive method like condoms or undergoing vasectomy offers an effective means to further safeguard against such occurrences for men specifically.”

Is it possible to undo a tubal ligation?

Dr Rupali Tambe highlighted, “Tubal ligation is intended to be irreversible, so if you have plans of conceiving in the future, it’s not recommended by a fertility consultant. It is better to speak to the fertility consultant and then only decide what is suitable for you.”

She advised, “If you wish to get pregnant after having your tubes tied, the fertility consultant will not recommend a reversal. Instead, he/she will suggest in vitro fertilization (IVF) which is an effective way to conceive after a tubal ligation. IVF is an effective way to conceive after tubal ligation with a good success rate.”


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