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Cardi B makes changes to her costume using ‘TikTok hack’


Cardi B made changes to her dress using a TikTok hack. On Wednesday, Cardi B took to X(formerly Twitter) and shared a video showing how her makeup artist did the TikTok hack to make changes to her costume. The rapper’s makeup artist used a hair tie to fix her silver costume in order to produce a perfect fit.

Cardi B(File Photo)
Cardi B(File Photo)

“So my stylist wasn’t on the plane with me so Patience and my makeup artist did this TikTok hack to take my dress in… would you try this??? Teamwork make the dream work!!!,” posted Cardi B.

Cardi B wearing the silver dress(X(formerly Twitter)/@iamcardib)
Cardi B wearing the silver dress(X(formerly Twitter)/@iamcardib)

In the video shared by Cardi B, she seems to be standing in the washroom of a plane while facing the mirror. Her makeup artist sits behind her while folding her dress and then tying it with hair elastic to fit her body.

After the changes to the silver outfit, Cardi B checks herself out in the mirror and exclaims “Wow!” in admiration.

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Meanwhile, netizens and fans were surprised by the improvisation. They gave a thumbs up to her post on X(formerly Twitter), praising her for style sense.

“But also this is cute. Everyone looked lovely,” wrote one user.

“Look so easy to fix,” commented a second person.

“Looking amazing,” complimented a third user.

“Fashion icon even in the air,” wrote a fourth one.

“Looking amazing Cardi!! As always,” posted a fifth fan.


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