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cbse sample paper: CBSE issues important alert for Class X, Class XII students


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a public advisory cautioning students not to be deceived by a private publisher’s claim that CBSE has entered into a partnership with them and released fresh sample papers for students in classes X and XII. The private publisher has advised students to access these practice papers through private websites.

In a firm statement, a CBSE spokesperson categorically stated that the Board has not formed any collaboration with Educart “in any manner.” Furthermore, these supplementary practice papers are readily accessible on the official CBSE website, completely free of charge.

The CBSE alert explicitly stated, “In accordance with National Education recommendations, the Board had initiated ‘competency-focused education and assessment’ in its affiliated schools and has recently published practice papers in all major subjects for Classes X and XII… However, it has come to the board’s attention that certain private publishers’ websites are encouraging schools and students to obtain CBSE practice papers.”

The public is strongly advised not to be swayed by such claims and promotions. It is essential to reiterate in the public interest that these papers can be obtained from the official CBSE website: CBSE Official Website without incurring any costs.
An article was widely circulated on social media, including YouTube videos featuring links to PDF files, stating that the new sample papers are ‘Powered by Educart.’ This misinformation has led to confusion among students and educators alike.CBSE clarified, “These additional practice papers have been developed for the benefit of Class X and XII students to assist them in tackling application-based questions that require higher-order thinking skills and to enhance their grasp of conceptual topics. These papers are accessible on the official CBSE website and are available for download free of charge.”The board spokesperson strongly denounced this unethical practice, emphasizing that it is an attempt to mislead students for commercial gains. Students and educational institutions are urged to rely on the official CBSE resources to access the practice papers and to remain vigilant against misleading claims.


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