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Charles Hilton Center for Advanced Technology and Hospitality Management unveiled

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – Gulf Coast State College had a big unveiling on Thursday.

The former Advanced Technology Center is now called the Charles Hilton Center for Advanced Technology and Hospitality Management.

The official ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the newly named center.

The $2.5 million dollar grant is a big upgrade for Gulf Coast State College.

“The largest gift in college and foundation history is certainly going to change the entire landscape for hospitality and tourism,” Dr. Sean Preston, Executive Director for Gulf Coast State College Foundation, said. “That’s our biggest industry as you all know. And we want to make sure that it’s supported from beginning to end.”

“It’s just magnificent,” Julie Hilton, Charles Hilton’s daughter, said. “I mean what an honor to have such a distinguished group joining us today. And what an even greater honor to know that we’re going to build the most fantastic hospitality management school imaginable.”

The Gulf Coast State College Foundation and Julie Hilton wanted to serve the hospitality and tourism workforce need in the area.

The hope is that this grant will do that.

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