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Charts: 2020 Global Ecommerce Sales


The Asia Pacific region generated roughly 62.6 percent of 2020 global ecommerce sales. North America was second at 19.1 percent, followed by Western Europe (13.0 percent), Central and Eastern Europe (2.4 percent), Latin America (2.1 percent), and the Middle East and Africa (1.1 percent).

As for counties, 2020 ecommerce sales in China were $2.3 trillion, or 29 percent of the global total. Total 2020 ecommerce sales in India were $55.6 billion, or the eighth-most worldwide.

China’s per capita ecommerce sales in 2020 were $1,595.85, which was fourth globally behind the U.K. ($2,657.25), the U.S. ($2,400.28), and South Korea ($2,157.24).


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