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Charu Asopa: I have to be cordial with Rajeev to make Ziana feel comfortable


Recently, actor Charu Asopa (35), who got divorced with her ex-husband Rajeev Sen (37) a few months ago, ending 4 years of marriage, is now focusing on co-parenting their two year old daughter Ziana, to make her “feel comfortable”. In fact, the actor invited Sen and his family on their little one’s birthday party recently. “Her birthday party was great, it was really fun. I called all my relatives, friends, and even Ziana’s friends, everybody was there. She has turned two years old now and she is growing very quickly,” she shares, adding, “It was Zianna’s birthday and I was calling everyone in the family so I also called Rajeev because he is her father. I even invited my mother-in-law, father-in-law and Sushmita (actor Sushmita Sen) didi, ki sab aayenge toh maza aayega and Ziana ko bhi accha lagega.”

Charu asopa on co-parenting with Rajeev Sen for Ziana
Charu asopa on co-parenting with Rajeev Sen for Ziana

Asopa does not want things to get complicated for her two year old. Emphasising that Ziana can meet her dad Rajeev anytime she wants, she tells us, “I am going to keep it very simple for Ziana, because I don’t want to complicate things for her. Kal ko vo aur badi hogi toh mai chaahti hu vo sabke saath comfortable feel kare. Usko kabhi aisa feel nahi hona chahiye ki ‘vo yahan nahi jaasakti, vahan nahi jaasakti, ya isse usse nahi milsakti’. She should feel comfortable, which is why I have to cordial with Rajeev obviously.”

Even besides the birthday party, the Akbar Ka Bal Birbal actor does not impose rules on her daughter regarding her relationships. “Generally also, there are no specific restrictions on Ziana. Rajeev ko jab milne aana hota hai usse, vo aate hain. We meet occasionally only when there is something happening related to Ziana,” Asopa ends.


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