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Connections NYT hints and answers for January 22, 2024

New York Times Connections is the latest word game that has fuelled the interest of people across the globe, especially those who love puzzles. The game aims at finding the “common threads between words.” Today’s challenge is as exciting as it gets.

Today’s challenge is as interesting as it gets. Are you ready to play? (New York Times)

If you wish to solve today’s puzzle yourself, here are some hints and clues for you. If you want to find the answers, you can jump to the end. Let us solve the mystery together today.

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Connections Today: Hints for January 22

Green: In your mouth

Yellow: Long objects

Blue: Boilerplate

Purple: Words before ‘annum’ synonym

Connections Today: These are the categories

Green: Dental Terms

Yellow: Symbolic Rods

Blue: Rubber Stamped Words

Purple: ____ Year

If you want to try to solve the puzzle, minimise the page and go ahead. If not, take a look at the answers!

Connections Today: Answers for January 22

Dental Terms – Cavity, Crown, Filling, Plaque

Symbolic Rods – Baton, Scepter, Staff, Wand

Rubber Stamped Words – Approved, Paid, Urgent, Void

____ Year – Gap, Leap, Light, School

Don’t feel low if you were not able to solve today’s Connections. Tomorrow will be your day!

What is Connections NYT?

NYT’s latest word game has become a social media hit. Associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu is credited by Times with helping to create the game. The puzzle can be played on web browsers and mobile devices. Players are required to group four words that share something in common.

How to play Connections NYT

Each puzzle has 16 words while each grouping of words is split into four categories. The words can be things like book titles, software, country names, and more. If all four words are determined correctly, they are removed from the board. The game ends after four mistakes.

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