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Cryptic Kim Tae Hyung video on BTS Instagram page rouses curious reactions


Just as BTS fans would love to see it, Kim Tae Hyung is booked and busy despite being away for his mandatory military duties. The Singularity singer made sure to leave the Pandora Box filled with surprising treats for his fans as he temporarily departed from the K-pop scene. On March 3, 12 am KST, the official BTS Instagram page dropped a cryptic video starring the South Korean megastar. Within minutes, the brain-scratching reveal unleashed curious reactions on the internet as fans dove into a sea of possibilities, guessing what this could be about.

BTS V, aka Kim Tae Hyung's cryptic video, has taken the internet by storm within minutes of its release. What could this new project be?(Instagram )
BTS V, aka Kim Tae Hyung’s cryptic video, has taken the internet by storm within minutes of its release. What could this new project be?(Instagram )

A new music single, Kim Tae Hyung’s acting comeback or possibly something even bigger? What could this be? What fascinated the fans even more was how the BTS post left everything up to the imagination, leaving it uncaptioned.

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New Kim Tae Hyung video tease leaves BTS ARMYs perplexed:

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While it remains a mystery as to what this new Kim Tae Hyung project may be about, fans appreciated how “well-fed” they were with their favourite singer’s content. Fans continued urging the officials in the comments to solve the mystery and give them “some context”. The sky is the limit until the untitled video’s questions aren’t answered in a follow-up Kim Tae Hyung teaser, the sky is the limit. BTS ARMYs are already wondering if the new release could be a vlog, documentary, show or ‘KTH2’ (referring to his second album). Some speculations even sensed it as a tease for his potential personal YouTube channel.

Some detective ARMYs also jumped to look closely at the details of the visuals. Few narrowed their search, claiming it could be London-based content as it reminded them of his last year’s sojourn to the English capital. He returned to South Korea in November 2023 after completing his London schedule. Many flying rumours suggested he’d travelled overseas to shoot his new music video.

BTS V recently also joined forces with Jackie Chan for the Indonesia-based securities company SimInvest’s commercial. The video dropped on Friday and showed the duo having a blast together. Fans were undoubtedly thrilled to see their unlikely collaboration come together and even labelled Jackie Chan as looking like V’s “proud dad”. 


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