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Dalljiet, Nikhil unfollow each other on IG less than one year after wedding


Despite no official confirmation from the couple itself, fans are sure TV actor Dalljiet Kaur and businessman-husband Nikhil Patel have split less than one year after their wedding in March 2023. Their Instagram activity offers a bunch of hints. (Also read: I am living my honeymoon every day: Dalljiet Kaur on life in Kenya with husband and son)

Dalljeet Kaur's only picture on her Instagram with Nikhil Patel is this one.
Dalljeet Kaur’s only picture on her Instagram with Nikhil Patel is this one.

The IG hints

Both Dalljiet and Nikhil have unfollowed each other. Nikhil changed his bio from ‘girl-boy dad’ to just ‘girl dad’. He has two daughters from his previous marriage. He added ‘girl-boy dad’ to his Instagram bio after his wedding with Dalljiet, who has a son from her previous wedding with actor Shaleen Bhanot, Jaydon. It should be noted, however, that Dalljiet still follows Nikhil’s daughter Aariyana Patel.

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Nikhil’s Instagram has no picture of Dalljiet anymore but it has a video of him taking Jaydon to a barber shop for a haircut.

Fans are not happy

While the couple has been mum on the subject, fans and followers are curious to know the truth. Many left comments on Nikhil’s latest IG post, asking about their relationship status.

“I had literally starting believing in love again because of you two! please come back together,” wrote one. “@niknpatel you are doing wrong to her. In India marriages don’t end like that easily. You should give it a second chance,” wrote another.

The previous statement

Previously, as per a Times Now report, Dalljiet’s team had said in a statement, “I hereby state that Dalljiet and Jaydon (her son) are in India currently for Dalljiet’s dad’s surgery followed by her Maa’s surgery as well, which required them to be beside him. In addition to this, I would only like to say that Dalljiet, at the moment, would not like to make any comments on anything because the kids are in the picture. Please respect her kids’ privacy and please consider this as the only statement she would like to give out.”

Dalljiet and Nikhil got engaged in January 2023. In an interview with ETimes, Dalljiet had talked about giving marriage a second chance. Talking about the same, she also explained why it took her so long to move on after her separation from her ex-husband Shaleen Bhanot. She said that she took so long because she didn’t want to take a wrong decision.


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