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Deccan Healthcare sees education as the key for nutraceuticals growth in India

Deccan Healthcare Ltd., a leading nutraceutical products company sees education as a driving force to build a nutraceutical lifestyle community to reduce diseases and foster a ‘disease free body’ and positive ageing.

After the COVID-19 pandemic breakout, preventative healthcare became the main priority for people all over the world. Nutraceutical products sit in the midst of food and pharmaceuticals and have experienced tremendous growth in popularity.

Dr. Minto Purshotam Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director said, “Since the last pandemic, people have realised the importance of including essential nutrients and minerals in their daily diets to boost immunity, which is necessary for protection against deadly diseases. Despite this, a lot of education is still required to instill the knowledge that nutritional supplements are more than just an immunity booster; they also represent a holistic approach to total health, which aims to improve everyone’s quality of life, from young children to the elderly, men and women.”

“With economic reforms, rising income levels, and food security, the number of people who are calorie sufficient but nutrient deficient has increased. People with hectic lifestyles often fail to adhere to a balanced meal plan. They need something to meet the nutritional gap, something that is convenient and safe; right education about the right type of nutrient for their specific need is key to swift adaptation. Deccan Healthcare, for example, has products designed specifically for people who spend hours sitting in chairs staring at computer screens; the most common issue with these people is dry eyes as well as severe neck pain. These products’ awareness and subsequent consumption would improve their quality of life,” added Dr. Minto.

Consumer education is critical for understanding that chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and arthritis are on the rise. Hospitalization costs have risen, improper diet may result in an increase in the cost of standard drugs, which have undesirable side effects.

In India, Millennials and Gen Z are becoming more aware of their weight, eating habits, and physical appearance. Nutraceuticals provide a wide range of products that address particular nutritional deficits, such as nutrients for healthier hair, skin, and eyes. Further, with the growing fitness industry as a result of increased health awareness among people, demand for supplements, healthy foods and beverages is increasing and will skyrocket in the coming years. Given these trends the Indian market is overrun with counterfeit nutraceutical items, making it difficult for customers to distinguish between the real thing and the fake. Counterfeit nutraceutical goods laced with dangerous chemicals and subpar ingredients are not only harmful to one’s health but also destroy the reputation of well-known nutraceutical businesses. Manufacturers and government agencies should collaborate to educate consumers about the dangers of ingesting counterfeit dietary supplements that may be cheaper as compared to genuine branded products. Authoritative and exact education on nutraceuticals that focuses on their requirements, varieties, dosages, and authentic sourcing is urgently needed.

About Deccan Healthcare Ltd.:

Since 1996, Deccan Healthcare Ltd. has been pioneers in R&D, product development, ingredient sourcing & manufacturing nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products. Company’s ingredients are handpicked from farms and processed as proprietary blends and recipes.

Company’s manufacturing facility at Pantnagar, Uttarakhand has received a number of quality certifications from various local and international accreditation agencies. For its products, the company has also secured an FSSAI license.

Deccan Healthcare’s major strengths are understanding nutraceutical needs of the consumers, developing recipes and formulations from food ingredients, which bridges the gap of nutrients thereby providing physiological benefits to our consumers.

Currently serving 36 consumer wellness goals with 200+ products to prevent and reduce risk of over 300 nutrient deficiency diseases.

The company has its online B2B and B2C webstore, which distributes 90+ products directly to consumers from the factory. The company has over 3 lakh registered buyers on its webstore and an equally strong presence offline through a network of over a thousand Product Information Personnel (PIPs) and direct sellers.

The company markets its products under the ‘stay young’ brand in Mauritius with its 40+ islands and in Kenya. It has a presence in more than 1000 retail stores in Kenya and is present in over a dozen countries in Africa.  Its products already have a presence in the USA and Europe.